Next week in Atlanta – AstriCon and more!

By David Duffett
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If you’ve been checking out activity within the Asterisk community, you’ll know that we have a lot of great stuff planned for AstriCon next week.

Every year I am greatly impressed by both the number of familiar faces and the number of people new to Asterisk, and wanting to shorten their learning curve by mixing with the largest number of Asterisk people in any one place in the world.

For folk new to Asterisk, we have the Asterisk 123 sessions – and the number of seats taken shows that the level of interest in Asterisk continues to grow.
If you’ve been to AstriCon before, I don’t need to tell you about the amazing mix of people and presentations you get to see – so I won’t! But I will point you to the schedule at – you will not believe the variety or the value!

I would like to point out some of the other events that are set to occur in around AstriCon this year. Traditional outings like the VUC (check out dinner and the Atlanta Asterisk User Group get-together are all set to take place. In fact, Allison Smith – THE voice of Asterisk – will make celebrity ‘meet and geek’ appearances at various ‘fringe’ events throughout the week.
A new addition this year is the (unofficial) Asterisk Academy Awards – presided over by one Randy Resnick. It will probably run in parallel with the wine tasting opportunity that is usually staged in one of the conference venue side rooms (originally initiated by community member Nir Simionovich in Denver 3 years ago) – it’s all part of the AstriCon ‘underground scene’.

Word is that a number of attendees are planning to wear orange trousers (or pants if you’re not speaking the Queen’s English), for whatever reason – so watch out for them (although they should not be too difficult to spot!).
This follows an small outbreak of red trousers (pants) at last years event, which was largely confined to Randy and James Body (the English guy with all the phones and SIMS).

The Kamailio and OpenSIPS projects are both represented at AstriCon, as are both FreePBX, Elastix and PBX in a Flash – all great Asterisk-based distributions in their own right. In fact there will be a ‘Distro Panel’ where you will be able to hear representatives from each project give their view of the world – that’s on the Wednesday afternoon at 2.25pm.

Of course, there are a good number of ‘geek out’ opportunities for developer folk to hang out with other developer folk, and the all-conference party where everyone has the opportunity to let their hair down for the evening.

The key thing is that it’s pretty much all Asterisk, all the time.

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  • Hi All,

    Just to complement David’s information regarding the “Underground” Wine Tasting. The “venue”, if you can call it that, is built on the idea that people gather to Astricon from around the world. A way to get to know each other better, is to drink with one another. Any type of Wine is accepted, Red, White, Rose – if your country doesn’t produce wine, but some other unique beverage – do bring a sample with you.

    Eric Klein and myself will be bringing in wines from Israel, Tim Panton has indicated an interesting wine of UK origin – so we’re very interested to see what the turn out will be.

    C’ya all there – currently packing up 🙂

  • James Body says:

    I’ve arrived (with English Wine) – awaiting the arrival of other members of the Team!

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