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By Mark Spencer

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the Digium phone API, or if you’ve ever wondered just how many freckles I have on my face, this is the video for you!  I spent some time working with Billy Chia on building an app on the Digium Phone API.  I’ll also release this sample code, and go through a code walkthrough, during my session at Digium Asterisk World in Miami (later this month). Amazingly, Billy was able to coauthor this code as his very first software development experience. Not bad for someone from marketing, right?  So much for the Golgafrinchan’s “B” ark ship

Anyway, I’m spending some time working on trying to get more people aware of the API and how to get started with it. It makes such a difference in the end user Asterisk experience, particularly for people developing solutions on Asterisk, when you have the ability to do so much tightly coupled integration between the server, the state of the phone, and whatever other data sources you might need.

The demo app I developed gives some basic control over the conference a caller is in.  It’s not optimized for production deployment but more for learning the API in a real world implementation.  In addition to the client side javascript code, we did the server side component in javascript (using Node.js) as well, to make everything in the same language.  The DPMA and phone side code makes it easy to connect our server code (running parallel with Asterisk and connected over AMI) with the software on the phone itself making the actual interaction very simple and flexible.

Let me know if this video is helpful and if there is anything else that might make it even easier to get into the Digium phone API.  Also, I’d love to hear about the apps you may have developed using the API!

Hope to see some of you guys in Miami!

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