Is UC killing email? 5 reasons a phone call is better than email.

By Bekah Reed

While I was in the midst of writing a very “wordy” email to a co-worker, another member of our marketing team shared an article with me entitled, “Are We at the End of Email?” As the primary person responsible for coordinating and sending email communications to our customers, I cringed a little before even reading the article. No one wants to hear that the technology his or her job role focuses around is becoming inefficient and obsolete.

A deeper dive into the article, however, revealed that the focus was about inefficiency of email in the workplace as a method of communication between employees.  After a sigh of relief, I put the article aside and got back to work typing up that long email and finally hit send.  Then, it dawned on me – I am one of the very people described in the article.

In the 10 minutes it took me to type that email to my co-worker, it would have been much more efficient to just call the person. That’s when I started thinking about how much Unified Communications (UC) really brings to the workplace. Whether communicating with a co-worker down the hall, or with a customer on the other side of the world, an advanced business phone system gives you a level of access and efficiency that email simply can’t compete with today. For the record – and my job security, know that email still has its place in the world of marketing; but the right phone system is a must-have, especially for squeezing a little more time and productivity out of your day.

In an effort to help you be more efficient in your job role, here are five ways the features of an updated business phone system can save you and your co-worker’s some much-needed time:

  • Ability to See Presence:  With Switchvox, you can see a person’s presence or status from the Switchboard, a browser-based dashboard.  Before you make that simple phone call, first check to ensure that the person you’re trying to reach is at their desk and available to talk.
  • Simple 4-digit Dialing: Need to get in touch with a co-worker who is based across the country?  Just dial that person’s 4-digit extension.  Making internal calls has never been easier.
  • Find Me, Follow Me: What if the person you are trying to reach works remotely or isn’t in the office today?  With Find Me, Follow Me, employees are easy to locate.  That’s because call cascading let’s employees set the order in which Switchvox calls their mobile phones or other phones when away from the office.  Or, Switchvox can be set to ring all designated phones at the same time.
  • Internal Chat: Maybe the person you are trying to reach is in a meeting and unable to talk.  What about chat, instead?  You still get the immediate response you need, but without waiting for someone to check their email and respond.
  • Voicemail notifications delivered to your email: Wait – what? Yes, I know the whole idea here is getting away from using email.  But, the article does conclude with the thought that the actual “death” of email is still a lot further down the road.  So, if you’re going to continue using it, why not enjoy the feature of being able to listen to your new voicemail messages via email?

To be clear, email is not “dead” – yet. But the article makes a valid point. We should be mindful of tools that are, or will eventually become outdated; and we should be ready to replace them with alternate solutions.  With that in mind, how old is your company’s current business phone system?  Are you missing out on the benefits of Unified Communications because you haven’t upgraded?  It’s time to get in the game and move to a UC solution.



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