Asterisk Live with Allison Smith, the Voice of Asterisk

By Billy Chia

See Allison Smith with Asterisk Live on For this week’s edition of Asterisk Live I was able to catch up with Allison Smith while at ITEXPO in Miami. Allison is a professional voice actor who provides voice audio prompts for business IVRs and menus. Because Allison recorded the default prompts that come with Asterisk she is able to provide custom prompts that match, giving a professional sound when customers call in to a business.

Allison speaks about her experience with AstriCon having been a member of the community for many years along with what it was like to attend the very first AstriCon. In 2014, Asterisk is a professional enterprise-grade solution for businesses around the world and Allison shares how she has seen the community change over the years. With the release of Asterisk 12 and the Asterisk REST Interface a new excitement has infused the community.


Allison Smith’s AstriCon Invitation

As an added bonus, Allison and David Duffett recorded this short video to promote this year’s upcoming AstriCon in Las Vegas


Feel free to share the videos and leave a comment to tell us your favorite Asterisk sound prompt

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