Tell us your ASTERISK story; you could get a FREE DIGIUM PHONE

By David Duffett

Asterisk community members have some interesting projects – and we not only want to hear more about them, but we want to share them with others, too. 

Submit a video about your Asterisk experience.

It’s no secret that we really love to hear from Asterisk community members, like yourself, especially about what you have been doing with Asterisk, and even about your experiences at AstriCon.
So we thought it might be fun to ask you to send in a video on one (or both) of the above topics. In exchange, you could walk away with a cool, new Digium phone.

1. Simply create a video (approximately 2-3 minutes) that conveys what you have been doing with Asterisk and/or about the Asterisk Video Submission Rulesexperiences you have had at AstriCon.

2. To submit the video, upload it to Youtube and then send us the link (send to david.duffett <at>

3. Be sure to check the rules! There are a few guidelines that we need you to follow, so take a minute to read the fine print before sending us the final version of your video.

In case you’re wondering, we are more interested in content than production gloss, so please do not feel that it has to be a professionally produced video. But do make sure that there’s enough lighting and decent sound so we can see and hear you.

Not sure what to show? We’ve got suggestions!

The video could be a “talking head” approach where you film yourself or someone else giving us the scoop on your project; or it could be a video tour of your comms room. You might want to show some clips of one of your customer’s site (with permission, of course); or you could have a slide show with narration. Possible topics might include:

  • telling us how you’re using Asterisk, whether as an IP PBX or as part of a more custom communications project
  • highlighting a project that includes Digium phones, especially if you’ve developed some type of custom apps
  • an overview of some interesting geographic locations, events, or organizations that are using Asterisk (we’re always excited to see how Asterisk is helping provide a communications solution in an unexpected way or place)
  • a look back at AstriCon! If you’ve been to AstriCon recently, tell us about the experience (whether it’s a favorite session/speaker, networking, etc)

Whatever the topic or approach to filming, be creative and have fun with it. Just remember to keep it clean (no use of profanity or topics that might be considered offensive).

What’s in it for you?

Well, in addition to contributing your experience for the collective good of the community, we will send you a top of the line Digium D70 phone as our “thanks!” for sharing your video (phones are strictly limited to one phone per person and/or company). Unfortunately, there isn’t an endless supply of these tokens of our appreciation, so the phones are available only while supplies last. Hurry and get your video to us so you don’t miss out!

The best videos may also be featured in our blog posts or on our websites. And if the video is really good, we may even give you a free all-access pass to AstriCon in Las Vegas (travel and accommodation not included) and invite you to come and tell your story in person.

Ready…Set….Go send us your video!

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