March Madness: time to ‘phone in’ your bracket picks

By Brian Ferguson
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For rabid sports fans like me, today is a bit of a sacred day.  Today begins a 3-week journey of drama, intrigue, and a roller coaster of emotions unmatched in the sports world.  Yes, the NCAA college basketball tournament is here – it is March Madness!  (Well, technically it began Tuesday night with play-in games, but nobody really counts those.) This also means that businesses throughout the U.S. suddenly have employees distracted by this annual mania, concentrating more on picking winners than on their daily work.

That’s why we, at Digium, are proposing that it’s time to embrace March Madness and ‘phone in’ your team favorites – and let your true colors show!

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Yes, the NCAA tournament appeals to more than just the avid sports buff and is extremely popular in today’s offices thanks to March Madness bracket pools.  Over 50 million people will participate in a bracket pool and spend approximately $2.5 billion 2013, according to recent research (yes, people actually research this stuff!).  The great thing about these office pools is that all you have to do is fill out a bracket to possibly win your share. You don’t have to follow college basketball on a daily basis, or know the name of a single player for that matter to have a shot at winning.  In fact, it always seems to be the lady in the accounting department – the one who chooses teams based on the aesthetics of the team’s uniforms – that wins the money.

The beauty of March Madness is the unpredictability of the tournament.  It’s so unpredictable that financial mogul Warren Buffet is running a contest this year giving away $1 billion to the person who successfully picks every game throughout the tournament.  $1 billion dollars!!!!!  It’s actually a pretty safe bet when you do the math.  Mathematicians have determined that the odds of a perfect bracket pick are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.  For those of you scoring at home, that’s roughly 9.223 quintillion.  You have a better chance of winning the Powerball lottery 3 times in a row than filling out a perfect bracket.  So really, Mr. Buffet could give away all the riches in all the lands and it wouldn’t matter.  It’s not happening.

Even if no one wins Buffet’s billion dollars, we still thought it would be fun to celebrate this greatest of days by phoning in our team spirit. So, a few of us at Digium wanted to share our love of the tournament, and our personal picks for this year’s champion, by showing off a cool feature of Switchvox and Digium IP phones.  Check it out!


Digium staff members put their favorite schools log on their Digium phone. Easy to do with Switchvox!


Add a image to your Switchboard profile!

Add a image to your Switchboard profile!

Leave a comment and let us know who you are cheering for – or better yet, put it on your Switchvox phone and show us your pick!

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