Video: Phone vs Stick Bomb, Who Will Win?

By Billy Chia

What is a better way to start off the week than checking out a funny video and learning something new?

Take a look to see what happens when a Digium IP Phone goes head-to-head against a stick bomb. What is a stick bomb? Keep reading and you will see.


Most people that have seen this video have immediately asked me several questions. I’m not sure what makes this video in particular so enigmatic, but I am happy to oblige with some answers.

How did this crazy video come about?

Here at Digium, the team has been working to put together a webinar for this Thursday. It’s all about control; like being able to control your IP phones, and control your Asterisk-based communications solution. This led to a graphics discussion about RC (Remote Control) cars and our creative team came up with this sharp-looking banner.


I asked the rest of the team, “Hey, have you seen that Subaru video with the RC car that races again the stick bomb?” First they asked, “What’s a stick bomb?” Then, as soon as I showed them the video, they challenged me to make my own RC car vs stick bomb video. I could not turn down such a fun idea.

Seriously, what is a stick bomb?

Here is the “learn something new” part that I promised earlier. A stick bomb is a toy you play with for fun. Similar to setting up dominos and then knocking them down, a stick bomb is a cascade event that uses large craft sticks or “tongue depressors.” The craft sticks are woven together which creates tension. When you release the tension, the “bomb” explodes in a glorious array of spinning wood with a very satisfying clicking sound. If you’d like to learn to make your own stick bombs, here is a great stick bomb video tutorial that teaches everything you need to know.

How long did it take you make all those stick bombs?

The video took about 8 hours to shoot. We had a small army of individuals who continually manufactured stick bombs while we were getting different shots.

Can you link me to the original Subaru Video?

Yes, in case you missed it above, here’s a link to the original.

Can I share this video with others?

Yes, feel free to share it around Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and google+.

What if I have more questions that you didn’t answer?

Leave a comment and I’d be happy to keep the conversation going.

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