Asterisk Live: Call Recording Solutions with OrecX

By Billy Chia

See OrecX with Asterisk Live on Asterisk.orgIn this episode of Asterisk Live, Bruce Kaskey, COO of OrecX joins the call to discuss voice recording with Asterisk. Bruce notes with some dry humor, “We are not a vacuum cleaning company.” OrecX, which stands for “Open Recording Systems,” provides both open source and commercial versions of their call recording and voice data software. Their solutions work in tandem with Asterisk to do passive, SPAN-based calling recording. This offloads the CPU of your Asterisk PBX allowing it to be able to handle more simultaneous call load. Additionally, OrecX provides data solutions that allow for screen capture recording. SMB Contact Centers can use screen capture in tandem with voice recording to train contact center agents.

Why Should You Record Calls?

There are typically three reasons businesses will need to record calls. These can be summed up in the acronym “CPR”.

C – Compliance: Depending on your location you may be under legal requirements to record certain types of calls.

P – Performance: This is a common use case for call recording in the contact center. Managers can listen to agent calls to ensure proper adherence with company policies. Additionally, recordings of exemplary calls can used to train other agents.

R – Risk: Call recording can help to mitigate against business risk. This comes into play when it is important to maintain archived versions of phones calls for any business reasons. Examples would include calls made to 911 or within an air traffic control scenarios.

Learn more in the interview here:

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