Mark Spencer Interview Live from 10,000 Feet

By Billy Chia

In this week’s episode of Asterisk Live, creator of Asterisk and CTO of Digium, Mark Spencer grants a unique interview live from the cockpit of his DA40 Diamond Star aircraft. Many of you know that Mark is a talented engineer and technologist, but did you know he is also an accomplished pilot?


Asterisk Past and Future

In this interview Mark reveals which is more difficult – writing code or flying a plane. (The answer may surprise you.) While on the flight we had the chance to talk Asterisk past, sharing some stories from the early days of Asterisk and Digium. We also talked about Asterisk future and where the world of communications is going. Mark shares his thoughts on WebRTC and how a new communications revolution is in progress similar to the VoIP revolution that Asterisk helped to usher in.

Asterisk Live Video with Mark Spencer

Custom IP Phone Apps

In terms of the Asterisk present, Mark shares how he has written some code to help developers use Asterisk together with custom applications running on Digium IP phones  Mark and I recently presented our sample conference application code at Asterisk World in Miami. The “confapp” code is available for you to download from the Digium Github and use as a template for your own custom phone apps. A unique property of Digium IP phones with DPMA is the ability to act on and transmit AMI message events. The confapp code provides an example of this architecture along sample Asterisk configuration files to get you started.

Billy Chia Mark Spencer Digium Phone Apps

Mark Spencer Billy Chia Digium Phone Apps

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