SysAdmins: Stand Proud and get the Recognition you Deserve!

By Julie Webb



Are you a SysAdmin? These shareable graphics are just for you – get them now and get the recognition you deserve!

If you’re not a SysAdmin, then ask yourself these questions:

Is your network secure?

Is your printer jam-free?

Is your email box uncluttered and spam-free?

If you answered yes to these questions then you need to celebrate your hard-working SysAdmin! SysAdmin Appreciation Day, Friday, July 25th, is the perfect day to stop and show the love to those dedicated SysAdmins. You know who we’re talking about… sysadmins are the people who keep your networks running, and who show amazing restraint when we ask “Is the Internet Down?” and who work behind the scenes every single day, morning and night, to keep our businesses running. Let’s take the time to say, “We appreciate you, SysAdmin!!”

Celebrate SysAdmin Day by:

1. Sending a thank you note or email (this way, they have written proof of your undying gratitude)

2. Delivering baked goods – Donuts, cookies, brownies all make the perfect gift for any SysAdmin

3. Buying your favorite SysAdmins lunch (we hear a free meal is always appreciated by SysAdmins)

4. Showing the love by sharing these special SysAdmin graphics! Spread the word and help give SysAdmins everywhere the support and thanks that they deserve!

Start your celebration today and make it a week-long party for your SysAdmin.

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