Asterisk Live: Meet ALICE, WinTech’s Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

By Billy Chia

ALICE receptionist on Asterisk.orgWinTech CTO Mike Yoder is our most recent featured guest on Asterisk Live. Mike talks about the innovative ALICE virtual receptionist kiosk.

Fueled by Asterisk, the ALICE receptionist greets visitors in a business lobby with an interactive video kiosk. She can then route a video or audio call to any employee (local or remote). One of the benefits of this solution is that it keeps a high level of engagement with customers and visitors, but at a lower cost than having to staff a full-time receptionist at each location. I was impressed by this unique product when I experienced ALICE at the InNEVation Center in Las Vegas. The quality of the video actress and the natural way the kiosk drew my attention made the interaction stand out.

Watch Asterisk Live to hear more from Mike on how ALICE takes advantage of Asterisk to route calls to a web user panel or a desk phone connected to the ALICE cloud, or even to route through an existing PBX.

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