Call for Early Adopters: Respoke Web Communications

By Danny Windham

Throughout Digium’s 15-year journey as a communications innovator, we’ve sought to be a company that disrupts the market. Our philosophy on how to accomplish that goal has remained consistent – give users the ability to solve their own problems and you’ll be amazed by the results.

In translating that philosophy into products and services, Digium has a long heritage of providing communications tools to enable developers to create their own custom applications and services. Our flagship offering Asterisk, the open source framework, has been used by a global community of developers to build countless communications-related products. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and we have a bold vision for the future.

In the past, communications products have typically been stand-alone, dedicated applications.  Due to the proliferation of web technologies such as REST APIs, websockets, and WebRTC, we envision a future where communications is seamlessly integrated into practically all applications. The release of the Asterisk REST Interface (ARI) in Asterisk 12 was an important milestone toward ushering in the web communications revolution.

Respoke - Web CommunicationsNow, we’re taking the next step by introducing Respoke, a new web communications platform built for web and mobile developers. Both Asterisk, offering high customizability, and Respoke, offering simplicity and ease of use, are fostering in the next generation of communications experiences.

Respoke is a cloud-based platform for adding secure communications to web and mobile applications. It provides a rich API that allows developers to easily add live voice, video, messaging, and data as features to their applications. Developers interface with Respoke using an intuitive JavaScript library and RESTful APIs. A robust, scalable cloud infrastructure handles all of the complex back-end aspects of making real-time communications work well.

Today, we are soliciting early adopters to use Respoke, provide feedback, and help shape the future of the service. A full public launch is planned for early next year. We’re currently accepting a limited number of new developers each day. To find out more about Respoke and to request developer access, visit our site at

For additional information:

At Digium, we’re dedicated to changing the way the world communicates. We invite you to try Respoke, the newest member of the Digium family.


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