How to Become a Digium Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP)

By Justin Hester

New dCAP Logo (RGB)In the rapidly changing world of unified communications, one exam gives you the props to say: “I am a force of nature”. You are primitive, raw, fundamental and on target for success because you have the knowledge in your head to build in 90 minutes what the integrator down the street takes 24 hours and a GUI to do.

The Digium Certified Asterisk Professional exam includes a practical (90 minutes) and a written 115 question examination (90 minutes) covering topics related to Asterisk, SIP and VoIP technologies essential to understanding modern communications systems. Both the questions and the challenges of the practical exam have been crafted by the teams who give you Asterisk, and are designed to be a test of your ability to perform under pressure.

We’ll be proctoring 4 dCAP sessions during the conference, in the Willows Room at the Red Rock. Version? We are testing on the current LTS, Asterisk 11, so if you are hoarding a coveted 1.4 certification from 2007, now is your chance to renew that certification and show that your skills have not grown rusty with age. (Not this Rusty…)

Tests will be given during the following times. Contact me to schedule.

Session 1 – Tuesday PM, October 21, 2:00PM-5:00PM Pacific (DevCon Day)
Session 2 – Wednesday AM, October 22, 8:30AM-11:30AM Pacific (PreCon Day)
Session 3 – Thursday AM, October 23, 8:30AM-11:30AM Pacific (Day 1)
Session 4 – Friday AM, October 24, 8:30AM-11:30AM Pacific (Last Day)

I can think of dozens of reasons for taking the dCAP, but time is short, so I’ll limit to a few: 

Points for the thrifty….
– The cost to take the full exam at AstriCon is $225. (regularly $300)
– If you already hold a certificate for an “earlier than 11”, you are eligible for a further discount if you want to take the exam as a renewal.

A point for the business-minded…
– The dCAP is an industry recognized certification that helps your resume or CV or business generate a positive impact.

A point for the fun-loving Asterisk administrator:
–  Passing the dCAP at AstriCon 2014 entitles you to attend the swanky dCAP reception to be held in an extra special location overlooking the lights of Las Vegas, where you will hobnob and exchange war stories with other dCAPs of note.

Looking forward to seeing you all at AstriCon!

Pssst. If you happen to be in Vegas, baby, the week prior to AstriCon 2014, I can highly recommend the Digium’s Asterisk Advanced course <> with the dCAP scheduled that Friday the 17th. Talk to me to schedule any of the above….. ([email protected]

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There Are 5 Comments

  • Alex says:

    The only bad thing is that if you do not pass the exam mistakes because one of the 2 tests in the future you will need to repeat both

  • jhester says:

    Candidates do not have to repeat the entire test if they’ve already passed one half of it. Only the failed section must be repeated.

  • Melissa Shepherd says:

    Hi Alex – that is certainly true if Asterisk changes versions between two exam takes. For instance, if you passed the written at version 1.8 and failed the practical, you would need to take both again at 11 to get a dCAP version 11. But if you are re-taking the same version, you only have to repeat the part you did not pass.

  • Wally Trejo says:

    Is it require to take the Advanced Course to be able to take the dCap Exam? I mean, is it a prerequisite? I’m from Dominican Republic, I just want to take the Only the exam (Without the course).

  • Velroy Noronha says:

    Hi, I have recently Answered my dCAP exam on the 17th of Sept 2015, and I managed to clear the theory but didn’t get through the practicals.
    As per my understanding I need to reappear for the practical exam only.
    However if there is a change in syllabus(Asterisk 11 to Asterisk 13), I’ll have to reappear for both the Theory and Practical.
    Can you please let me know how much time I have to reappear for the dCAP practical before the Asterisk version in the exam is changed to Asterisk 13.

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