DPMA 2.1 for Digium Phones

By Malcolm Davenport


Just in time for this year’s Astricon, we’ve got another release of DPMA for Digium phones, version 2.1, now available for users. Included along with a couple of minor bug fixes noted in the Changes page, the big change for version 2.1 is support for tying your Asterisk app_voicemail PIN to your phone PIN. Your app_voicemail PIN is the code that one would enter if you’re dialing your mailbox remotely instead of using the voicemail app on a Digium phone.

What are phone PINs used for? They’re for requesting your phone profile when you boot a phone (so that no one else steals your phone assignment) or they’re entered to unlock the phone’s voicemail application (a new feature that was introduced in DPMA 2.0).

It turns out that many users rightly wanted to connect the phone PIN to the regular app_voicemail PIN. But, because of the separation we’d created, life was difficult for those users – no one really wanted to create external monitoring scripts to keep files (voicemail.conf and res_digium_phone.conf) in sync.

DPMA 2.1 addresses that. By setting the phone option pin equal to “voicemail,” DPMA will instead automatically populate your phone’s PIN with the PIN you’ve configured for that user in voicemail.conf. Further, if users dial into app_voicemail and change their PIN, DPMA will pick up the password change and will automatically push updated information to your phone, so that things are always in sync. For this particular feature, you’ll also need a small update that was made in Asterisk 12.5.0, 11.11.0 or 11.6-cert5 or greater versions, so don’t forget to upgrade.

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