Tech 4 Canada Set to Deliver Asterisk Training

By Justin Hester
Asterisk training Tech 4 Canada

Alejandro Gutierrez, CTO at Tech 4 Canada

Tech 4 Canada is serious about Asterisk. So serious that when CTO Alejandro Gutierrez assessed options for providing communications technology training to his customers, he established a lab to teach the official Digium Asterisk curriculum. Now, he’s ready to open up Asterisk training to Toronto’s community of technical professionals.

“Sharing knowledge and expertise has always been the true meaning of the open source community. With the official Asterisk Advanced training in Toronto, we bring that knowledge right from where it all began, The Asterisk Company,” said Alejandro. He is no stranger to the courses or to the community, having taught the official curriculum (Spanish and English) all over Latin America as a Digium Authorized Training Partner for more than 5 years.
As part of Digium’s global Authorized Training Partner network, Tech 4 Canada is not only a Digium Value Added Reseller but also in a position to offer classes and dCAP (Digium Certified Asterisk Professional) certification testing in Canada.
Tech 4 Canada will hold its first Asterisk Advanced Class at their headquarters in Toronto, February 23-27, 2015. The course will be taught in English, focuses on best practices for configuring the software from the ground up, and is beneficial for anyone wanting to advance beyond the basics. Students who may have only configured the software from a popular distribution or appliance can use the course to jump start their abilities to troubleshoot and deploy solutions based on Asterisk. The five-day classroom style training provides an ideal opportunity to meet and learn with peers in the Asterisk community.
The official curriculum is always taught by an instructor who has achieved dCAP certification from Digium. That’s certainly the case for Alejandro. In addition to his many other technology certifications, he holds two dCAP certifications for successive software versions, making him a rare “double dCAP.” The optional dCAP examination will be held at the end of the February Asterisk Advanced class.
You can discover more about and Asterisk training, and to see updated course schedules for Digium and our global training partners.

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