Digium Live! Web Series Premieres on YouTube

By Digium Content Marketing Team

Digium Live! Premiere Episode


We are excited to announce the premiere of our new biweekly web series, Digium Live!.  The show is hosted by Brian Ferguson, Digium’s Product Marketing Manager for Switchvox, and features interviews with industry experts, Digium customers and partners, and Digium leadership.

The show has been designed to not only inform people about Digium and our products and services, but to also provide insight into current business communications trends that impact our customers and partners, from SMBs to enterprise organizations. We also plan to bring viewers front and center to some of the exciting industry conferences. The episodes will be available on the Digium Live! playlist featured on Digium’s YouTube channel for public view.

The pilot episode of Digium Live! is available on YouTube, starting today. We’re excited to kick off the series with a very special guest, Danny Windham,  Digium’s CEO.  The interview expands on an article Danny contributed to the Digium blog, and discusses the business communication trends he expects to see in 2015.  Some of the trends outlined in the article and discussed on Digium Live! include more efficient business models, the growing influence of WebRTC, and the continued integration of cloud-based services.  “The move to cloud based applications has enabled companies to retool their business models to focus more on what they are good at and less on the infrastructure required to be able to do their job,” Danny says during his interview on Digium Live! He added, “Outsourcing all sorts of cloud applications, now including communications, is just enabling those business model changes to allow customers to be more efficient and more effective.”

Watch the pilot episode of Digium Live! below and tune in every two weeks for a new episode.



 View the Digium Live! web series


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