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By Brian Ferguson

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A modern Unified Communications (UC) solution should be able to reach all employees across an organization and that means extending its reach with mobile UC apps. In our new episode of UC Tech Chat, we break down what matters most to a business when deciding to deploy mobility as part of a UC solution. For starters, a business should address these three issues:

1) An ability to connect with the business phone system

A modern UC application should allow employees to use their mobile devices either in combination with or in place of their desk phone.  With mobility, you can establish connectivity to your business communications and contacts from anywhere you have access to the Internet, allowing you to access your email, voicemail, your company directory, your business applications and more from your mobile phone or tablet. Mobile infrastructure empowers you to never miss a web meeting or a phone call. Look for UC features such as Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) , which allows you to easily transfer calls to and from your mobile phone as well.

2) A separation of work and personal applications

When selecting mobile applications, you’ll want to make sure to keep personal information private while having a solution that brands your business when reaching out to customers.  If you manage salespeople who are away from their desks, a great softphone application allows the sales team to use their personal mobile devices as if they were using an office desk phone. The customer only sees the company’s caller ID information, which keeps the salesperson’s personal contact information private, and also allows your company’s brand to be consistent in all customer communications. This is also a benefit because it guarantees that if, or when, a salesperson leaves the company, your customers have your business contact information instead of the individual salesperson’s phone numbers. This helps keep your business connected to customers and prospects, despite employee turnover.

3) A fully featured communications application that provides more than just the ability to dial and receive calls  mobile-business-phone

As powerful as a full-featured office desk phone is, you’ll want to make sure when you can efficiently ‘untether’ yourself from it and switch to your mobile device. Choose a UC application that boasts a wide array of features and allows you to switch from desk to mobile effortlessly. Ensure your mobility solution includes the following UC features:

  • Find-Me, Follow-Me: This feature allows users to have incoming calls sent to their desk phone, mobile phone, home phone, or any other device. You can have those phones ring in some order, ring all at once, or not ring at all and go straight to voicemail.
  • Conferencing: Your business should not have to pay for third-party conferencing services if you use a modern UC phone system. Make sure this feature allows each user on the system to have their own audio conference room and be able to host multiple conferences simultaneously. The extension-owner should have control over the phone conferencing experience with announcement options, and who can talk in the conference.
  • Personal Status: Working with multiple employees in different departments means engaging in frequent cross communications, so being able to have a live status of a coworker is very valuable. Make sure your employee’s status has the ability to tie in with their personal call rules in order to transfer the call to the appropriate device depending on their availability at that time.

Streamlining communications can help a business better communicate with customers, aid in increasing sales, and speed up inventory turnover. This week’s episode of UC Tech Chat looks at some specific UC applications for mobility, and Jason Mefford and I give an overview of some of today’s most popular UC features used with business phone systems. Our co-host, Julie Webb, also explains the options a company has for budgeting a BYOD policy in the show’s segment of Julie’s Inbox.


Watch this week’s full episode of UC Tech Chat, now. If you have questions, or want to join in on the conversation,

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