Moving to VoIP? Digium Live Discusses Steps to Upgrading a Phone System

By Brian Ferguson

What features should you consider when deciding to purchase a new business phone system if you are a small or mid-size company? How do you compare features and benefits between competing systems? In this episode of Digium Live, I talk with another VoIP professional and an SMB customer that went through the process of upgrading their business communications system.

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Matthew Hilton, sales engineer and senior voice engineer for Akuity Technologies (one of Digium’s top resellers in the country) and Warren Rogers, Network Manager for Quabbin Wire and Cable (a valued Digium customer) discuss the process of evaluating and acquiring a new phone system. They take us through the steps each went through, including reviewing the customer’s internal requirements, the process of comparing the benefits of a Switchvox system to competitor systems, and a detailed overview of the actual deployment of the upgraded phone system.

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Some of the most common concerns that come up when considering a Voiceover IP (VoIP) option include: ease of use, cost savings, and the shape of the network prior to installation. Matthew and Warren address these issues, as well as discuss their overall experience with the features and application of the Switchvox phone system and how it differs from the competition.

We invite you to watch this episode of our new web-based series, Digium Live! and learn more about putting a VoIP solution to work in your company.

Topics discussed include:
· Shopping for a New Phone System: Considerations & the Competition
· Benefits of VoIP vs. Traditional PBX
· Considerations Before Adopting VoIP
· Preparing for a VoIP system
· Switchvox Features
· Deployment of Switchvox
· Advice for Those in the Market

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