This Week on Digium Live: The Benefits of Using Softphones [Video]

By Brian Ferguson


What exactly is a softphone? What are the benefits of using softphones versus desktop phones? These are some of the questions addressed in our new episode of Digium Live!

Special guest, Adam Kramer, our Switchvox Product Manager here at Digium, discusses the features offered through the new Switchvox Softphone for iPhone, including our most recently added feature – the ability to use your cellular minutes instead of data for your calls.

Some of the most common concerns that come up when considering softphone options are also revealed, including: setup time and level of difficulty, as well as the availability of features typically offered with desktop phones. Adam addresses both of these issues, and discusses the popular features for mobile SIP devices, noting the increase in companies that are extending their business phone systems into mobility-friendly options.

We invite you to watch this episode of our new web-based series, Digium Live! and learn more about putting a softphone solution to work in your company.

Topics discussed include:

  • Digium Softphone Services: How and Why it Began
  • Benefits of Remote SIP Connection
  • Features Available
  • Softphone Setup in Two Ways
  • The Future of Switchvox Softphone


For more information on Switchvox Softphone for Iphone, click here

Watch this week’s episode of Digium Live! below and tune in every two weeks for a new episode

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