Softphones and Business Apps for SMBs: UC Tech Chat [Video]

By Brian Ferguson

What exactly is a softphone? How does it work? Who in your business would most benefit from using one? If you’ve ever considered using softphones but were hesitant to ask some basic questions about them, then we’ve got you covered. You can get all the details in this week’s UC Tech Chat video (along with a look into some top apps for your business), but here’s an overview of softphones to get you started.

SwitchvoxMobileEditIn most cases you will find a softphone used in conjunction with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This form of computer telephony uses an Internet connection to deliver voice information online. VoIP calls can go over a standard Internet connection on your local network, Wi-Fi, or even a cellular data network, such as 3G or 4G.

Once you have a softphone client and an Internet connection, all you need is a provider. Although anyone can download and use the free softphone software, a VoIP service provider must provide the underlying VoIP phone service over which the calls are carried.  A softphone is registered with the service provider, and often a phone number is assigned.  Calls to and from the softphone are routed over the service provider’s network. The features and functionality of each softphone will vary somewhat from one softphone provider to another. However, our Switchvox softphone includes all features ( Check out this episode of Digium Live for information on all the features and capabilities of Switchvox Softphone for iPhone).

So who benefits from using a softphone? Remote employees, frequent travelers, call center employees, long-distance callers, field sales agents, and anyone looking to save money on phone calls. For users on the go, especially those who travel abroad, softphone service allows them to conveniently make calls from their smartphones and laptops, saving them the hassle and expense of using a hotel phone or roaming on a cell phone. This technology is perfectly suited for small to mid sized businesses because it’s affordable an easy to upgrade.

In this week’s episode of UC Tech Chat, Jason and I discuss how softphones have recently evolved in the tech world. Also, we will share our favorite mobile apps that make business a little easier.


Watch this week’s full episode of UC Tech Chat, now. If you have questions, or want to join in on the conversation, use the hashtag #UCTechChat on Twitter to discuss each episode.

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