Dynamic Duo Fights Legacy Phone Systems

By Michael Kienzle

Superheroes Digium Gateways and SwtitchvoxMeanwhile, in the heart of the city, an old foe, the Legacy PBX, holds a company up from productivity. Have no fear citizen!  The Dynamic Duo hears your call for help!  The Dynamic Duo of Switchvox and Digium Gateways that is.

A Switchvox phone system with a Digium Gateway provides a great opportunity for expanding and upgrading business communications. While Switchvox is the award-winning IP PBX that delivers powerful Unified Communications (UC), a Digium Gateway allows you to upgrade a legacy telephony connection to a modern VoIP connection. Together, they can greatly reduce operating costs by connecting with affordable SIP trunks, which are much less expensive than traditional T1 Phone lines – but the advantages don’t stop there.

Who would benefit from a Switchvox system and Digium Gateway?

Perhaps you have an old legacy system and you are considering replacing it with Switchvox. You can use a Digium Gateway to connect with the legacy PBX, without the need to forklift your old system out.  The combination will immediately upgrade your phone system with all the latest features in UC,  and you’ll have the advantage of migrating to a full VoIP PBX system in the future. For example, a private college based in Louisiana, needed to upgrade their old Nortel phone system. They deployed and 8-port Digium Gateway to do PRI to SIP conversion and share facilities between the old Nortel and their new Switchvox system.  They were able to gradually migrate their Nortel users to Switchvox at their own pace, rather than a disruptive forklift upgrade.

Maybe you have more than one Switchvox system at several geographic locations, but your Switchvox systems are not communicating with each other. Installing Digium Gateways will empower your workforce by integrating the current phone systems. One example of this is for an auto dealership – or more precisely, seventeen auto dealerships. In this case, the large Texas-based auto dealership needed to upgrade all 17 of its dealership locations. The customer started with six Switchvox systems and will migrate the remaining locations phone systems together over the next couple years. They currently have a variety of legacy PBXs at the different sites. They purchased a Digium Gateway for each Switchvox for connectivity to a data center to allow for failover to a redundant Switchvox housed in their Switchvox reseller’s data center.

You may also deploy a Switchvox with a Digium Gateway and an online “cold spare” Digium Gateway.  A cold spare gateway is a backup gateway that is identical (or nearly identical) to your primary Digium Gateway. In the event your primary gateway is unavailable for any reason, the cold spare is a redundant backup right there onsite to replace the primary appliance and minimize any downtime. You can remotely apply the backup online without having to use a telephony card.

What are the advantages of using Switchvox in combination with Digium Gateways?

The advantages can be summed up in one word: simplicity. The interfaces are the same in Switchvox and the Digium Gateways. The user-friendly GUI is easy to navigate and easy to use.  With the turnkey solution of a Switchvox system and the easy configuration of Digium Gateways, deployment times happen in minutes, not days.  With this Dynamic Duo, your organization will experience dramatic cost savings, especially when scaling for your business needs.  Your IT department will thank you for it …and all will be well in Gotham (or in whatever city you happen to be fighting to put an end to legacy phone systems!).

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