Looking for Savings & Efficiency? Ditch your legacy phone system

By Julie Webb

Public and private school systems around the country are often saddled with archaic telecommunications systems. Keeping and maintaining that outdated technology may appear to be the least expensive option; but once a full system analysis and cost comparison is conducted, schools typically discover significant savings when upgrading or replacing a legacy phone system. Becker Public Schools realized its aging Inter-Tel phone system was costing them money and time. The decision to upgrade to a VoIP solution with Unified Communications (UC) features quickly proved to be a wise investment.

Becker Schools, located in Minneapolis has approximately 2,800 students and a staff of 300. The campus consists of five separate buildings housing hundreds of offices and classrooms for kindergarten through 12th grade students. The school district’s outdated communications system was grossly inefficient, and required that every building have a dedicated server housed onsite. Meaning, each building essentially had its own telephone system. Just as frustrating, the legacy system lacked advanced features and had become expensive to maintain.

With the costs to operate the legacy system skyrocketing and wait times for service calls causing serious inconvenience, Becker Schools made the decision to look for an affordable, easy-to-use phone system that would provide stable VoIP connectivity to all buildings. The goal was to unify communications across campus for the primary, intermediate, middle, high school and district administration buildings.

When an unexpected system failure of the legacy system happened, Becker Schools had to push up their timeline for upgrading. A timeline of only six weeks. With the help of Line 1 Partners, a Preferred Digium Partner, the school completed a “rip & replace” enabling Becker Schools to upgrade and replace the whole digital infrastructure to VoiP.

Teachers, staff and administrators have quickly and deftly taken to the new Digium Switchvox system and are thrilled with the many benefits of UC. To learn more about the Becker Schools implementation, click here.

Are you ready to take your business communications beyond a simple phone system and kick your legacy system to the curb? Let us show you how easy it is to put advanced UC features to work to help grow and manage your business.
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