Reducing SysAdmin Headaches with the Right Phone System

By Julie Webb

On our episodes of UC Tech Chat, we try hard to touch on a range of tech topics, from general issues about the Unified Communications market to answering specific questions about business phone system features. As our loyal fans know, we also chat about interesting tech stats and trends, like millennials’ preferences for desktop phones, the Internet of Things (IoT), and top tech cities.  Given our range of topics, there was no way we could miss talking about one of our favorite groups of people in the organization – SysAdmins – and the upcoming day to honor them: National SysAdmin Appreciation Day.

If you’re not familiar with it, or just need a reminder that it’s coming up on Friday, July 31, then watch this episode of UC Tech Chat for more information on SysAdmin Day. Brian Ferguson (Digium’s Switchvox product marketing manager) also provides some tips on how to make deploying and managing phone systems easier for sysadmins, including moving to a cloud-based phone system for true ease of management.

Watch now:


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Julie Webb

Julie Webb is the Marketing Communications (MARCOM) Director at Digium. She joined the company in January 2005 after spending many years in the telecommunications industry. Julie and her team are responsible for corporate branding and events, most notably AstriCon.

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