Do You Know a SysAdmin in Need of Support?

By Bekah Reed

Happy SysAdmin Day from DigiumDo you know how to define the term ‘SysAdmin? Never heard of it? OK… how about System Administrator? Still not sure? Think of the person you go to when you have computer problems… you can’t print, connect to the network, or access the internet. Who is it that helps you in that time of need? That, my friend, is likely your System Administrator. And, did you know that there is an entire day devoted to the appreciation of your SysAdmin? That’s right! Today marks the 16th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day (aka SysAdmin Day).

Despite their critical role in keeping every business system up and running, SysAdmins are often under-appreciated for all they do. These guys and gals are the ones who work overnight to perform system upgrades, deploy new solutions, and handle emergency situations. They juggle numerous systems, helping solve the problems that you see – and preventing many that you don’t.

We questioned some of our own internal Digium folks, and even hit the streets talking to perfect strangers, to see just how much others know (or don’t know) about SysAdmins and their special day. Check out the videos below. Share them with your friends and colleagues, and see how many other people you know understand what it means to be a SysAdmin.


And, now that you know more about Sys Admins, it’s up to you to make sure they get the attention they deserve, especially on SysAdmin Day. For all the support they provide for you, it’s time to return the favor! Spread the word around the office and do something nice for your SysAdmin and IT team. Take them out to lunch, give them gift cards, or just stop by their offices to tell them how much you really appreciate them.

To all the SysAdmins out there, THANK YOU to you and your team for all that you do!

Happy SysAdmin Day 2015!

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