Power of UC: Your Phone System and The Marketing Machine

By Brian Ferguson

200020650-001The features and benefits that Unified Communications (UC) systems are bringing to companies are truly making a positive impact on real-world business challenges. Though many of us have heard the names of these features, and maybe a description of what they do, it’s sometimes difficult to picture exactly how these features will help your company make or save money. It’s great to know that UC systems, like Switchvox, have mobile applications and give you call control outside the office, or that they have IVRs (interactive voice responses) to allow you to automate call flows, but… What does all that actually mean for YOUR company?

Well, we are going to answer that question with our newest blog series, The Power of UC. We’re going to take a look at real-world business problems and see how UC helps solve those problems, and how the right UC feature may even turn that issue into a strength or competitive advantage for your organization. Let’s kick off the series by looking at marketing and UC.

The Marketing Machine

One of the biggest challenges that small and medium businesses (SMBs) deal with in today’s business environment is not being able to effectively market their business or products. Some of the major factors of this marketing challenge are that the business doesn’t have the budget to dedicate to marketing programs, and may not understand how to market in today’s digital and social media-driven world. One of the more significant roadblocks is that managers have a hard time determining the effectiveness of the marketing programs that they do have in place. If they can’t determine the ROI, it’s difficult to see the value of marketing at all. This is where UC comes in.

To see how UC can help improve and quantify your marketing campaigns, let’s take a look at the following (fictional) scenario:

ABC Widgets, Inc. has decided to rent space on a roadside sign (billboard) and purchase airtime on a local radio station to advertise the company’s new product. They have a dedicated team of sales people for this particular product and a separate group for everything else.


Control the Flow

Companies spend a lot of time developing effective messaging and advertisements and a lot of money putting them in the right place. However, they oftentimes misunderstand whether the incoming call traffic is coming from a paid advertising campaign, or just a regular Joe calling in to get information. Not to mention, it can be a struggle getting that caller to the right employee.

Here’s how Switchvox helps ABC Widgets solve this problem:

  • Intelligent call routing by incoming phone numbers allows users to decide what to do with calls coming in from a certain number. ABC Widgets purchases two dedicated phone numbers (around $2 per month), one to be used on the billboard, and the other one to be used in the radio ad. Switchvox allows them to determine which advertisement the caller saw (and responded to), based on the phone number used.
  • IVR lets ABC Widgets record and play back additional information to these callers as they reach their system. Of course, they control the messaging the callers hear.
  • Caller ID control allows ABC Widgets to use Switchvox to add the caller ID so when the call gets to the correct employee, they are able to see which ad campaign likely triggered the call. So, the employee will see something like 555-555-1212 Widget Radio on their computer and phone when the incoming call is received. This enables the employee to answer the phone and be prepared to address the messaging in the ad.
  • Call Queues ensure that the ABC Widgets sales team dedicated to selling their new product answers the calls that originate from the corresponding ad phone numbers; all the other incoming calls are routed to the rest of their staff.
  • Mobility allows the ABC Widgets team to receive these calls from anywhere and still see the proper Caller ID information.



Measure the Results

Smart business owners and managers need to be able to measure business activities to ensure they are getting a return on their investment. Marketing activities can be difficult to measure financially, but Switchvox can help you get started. Here’s what ABC Widgets did:

  • Call Reports allow companies to run reports by incoming phone number. Now ABC Widgets knows how many calls were generated by each ad campaign.
  • Queue Reports allow managers to understand the performance of groups of employees. They can see metrics like wait times, talk times, abandoned and answered calls, and much more. Managers at ABC Widgets now have a solid understanding of how incoming calls are being handled.
  • Call Logs allow managers to track an individual call from start to finish. They know who talked to the caller, and if the caller was transferred or disconnected for any reason. Now they can stay ahead of customer complaints and issues.
  • Scheduled Reports allows managers to set up reports and automatically send them to their email inbox on the day, time, and frequency that they choose. This gives the managers the data they need, when they need it.


As you can see, ABC Widgets now controls who their callers (customers and prospects) talk to, determines what messaging they hear, knows their experience throughout the call, and measures all of this using on-demand and scheduled call reports. This level of detail helps provide a more accurate ROI for the company’s ad campaigns. Oh, one last thing- the setup takes no time at all!



You too can have these tools and many more at your disposal.

Sign up for a personal demo of Switchvox and see how Switchvox can change the way your company communicates.


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