Eye Care Center Looks to the Future with Switchvox Phone System

By Emily Arnold
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Eye Specialists Phone System

With Back to the Future Day not too far behind us, and 2016 just around the corner, it’s safe to say everyone is thinking about the future. Soon, gyms will be packed with people fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions and companies will be mapping out their yearly goals. A survey conducted by Small Business Trends says that companies who develop business plans double their chances of experiencing success. One business with a savvy plan and a clear vision for the future is Inland Eye Specialists (IES).

Located in Southern California, IES employs over 150 people across five locations. When their practice experienced rapid growth, they developed a plan to implement a call center at the main office to meet the demands of the increasing number of patients. As any medical office knows, patient information and practice management software is the lifeblood for keeping the practice going, and quick access to it is vital. With Switchvox, IES was able to use Unified Communications to integrate their patient CRM into every phone call. Each time a patient calls, a summary screen pops up giving the call team member access to the information they need right away – something their aging Nortel system could have never accomplished.

Something else IES saw in their future? Cost savings. By having a centralized phone system that connected all five offices, they were able to stop paying a phone provider at each location and replaced long distance with a SIP provider. Also, Switchvox is able to change the area code of outgoing calls so that IES can receive a volume discount, which means even more monthly savings for the practice.

Even though 2015 is coming to close and we aren’t riding around on hover boards like we had hoped, it’s still a good time to develop your business plan and communications strategy for the future. If you want to learn more about how Inland Eye Specialists brought their communications to the 21st century, check out the case study below.


Inland Eye Specialists Case Study

Inland Eye Specialists Success Story- Click Here! 

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