AstriCon Videos Now Posted – See you at Asterisk World!

By David Duffett
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Now that the AstriCon 2015 videos have been added to the Official Asterisk YouTube channel (you can see them and subscribe to the channel here), I thought it would be good to reflect on some of the great sessions that occurred in Orlando last October, and to look forward to Asterisk World later this month (January 26-28) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Thumbnail AstriConAstriCon 2015, Orlando
The Asterisk Community came together for 3 days of showing, telling, sharing and caring last October and so many different countries and regions of the world were represented – from Africa to Asia and Australia to America (both North and South).

The best attended regular session was ‘Expanding Asterisk with Kamailio‘ delivered by AstriCon veteran and all-round nice guy (AND part-time Baker) Fred Posner, who described the presentation thus:
“Asterisk gives you control over your phone system. Kamailio takes Asterisk to the next level. From securing your system to working with enterprise/carrier deployments, Kamailio and Asterisk make a truly dynamic duo. The most difficult part of Kamailio is saying it.”

Fellow Brits James Body and Andy Smith were on hand to run the Dangerous Demos session, in which all participants could deliver a short demo designed to be as daring (in terms of complexity, mixes of technology or just plain weirdness) as possible. This session was hugely popular and lots of folk stepped up to try their hands. All the demos were interesting in their own ways, but it was yet another Brit (can you spot a theme developing here) – Tim Panton – that offered not one, but two demos, that had people on the edge of their seats! First there was the Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush demo, where inbound call routing was changed while Tim was brushing. Then there was the Lego animal that somehow spoke with Allison’s voice.

With well over 40 sessions available from AstriCon 2015 on the YouTube channel, there really is something for everything – whether you’re interested in SIP security, building larger Asterisk systems, making deployments easier, trouble-shooting or next generation WebRTC solutions, it’s all there!!!

Asterisk World 2016, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
While watching videos is great, and will net you all sorts of useful information, there is nothing quite like actually hanging out with other Asterisk people in real life!
And the very next opportunity to do that is at the end of this month, 26-28th to be precise. AsteriskWorld is spread over three days and is co-located with the IT Expo event in Fort Lauderdale.

Asterisk World features both a conference and a show, and we have a great collection of exhibitors just itching to show your their Asterisk-related products and solutions.

We also have 15 speakers, all keen to share their experience in their own area of specialism…

Allison (THE Voice of Asterisk) will be there
Tony Lewis (the KingPin of the FreePBX project) will be there
Fred Posner (veteran Asterisk and Kamailio guy) will be there
Steve Sokol (co-creator of AstriCon and WebRTC visionary) will be there
Mark Ingles (winner of the AstriCon 2015 “Rookie of the Year” award) will be there
I will be there too!

…The big question is will YOU be there? Be sure to get your pass NOW, if you have not done so already.

If you are serious about Asterisk, all the flexibility it gives you, all the time and money it can save you, all the customer loyalty it can win you, then make you are are at Asterisk World!

Everything you need to find out more and get that pass can be found here.

See you in Fort Lauderdale!


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  • Numan Khan says:

    I attended AstriCon 2015 for first time. It was really a great experience to be part of such dynamic community. It was 3 days fun with deep understanding and learning everything about Asterisk. All sessions were really useful and informative. Hopefully I will attend future AstriCon as well.

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