Unified Communications Features for Manufacturing Employees

By Digium Content Marketing Team
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industry workers people in factoryThe manufacturing industry has a unique set of expectations to ensure innovation, production, and timely delivery of quality products. The pressure to innovate is met with the challenge of cutting costs, and the threat of competition demands productivity to remain high at all times.

With instant access to employees, specialists, managers, customers, and information, manufacturing companies that deploy a Unified Communications (UC) solutions can save time and money by streamlining communications and keeping their supply chain kink-free.

Switchvox is more then a simple phone system for the receptionist; it is a full UC solution with features that benefit all employees across the manufacturing facility:

Advanced call routing and queues create the desired flow of communications so that your customer has the best chance of reaching exactly who they need to speak to.

IVR provides an effective way for manufacturing facilities to provide better customer service. Easily create responsive menus so by the time the caller reaches a customer service operator they are already aware of their reason for calling or specific need, resulting in more efficient and faster response times.

Switchvox Mobile allows the right person to be reached, whether it be a specialist answering a product question, or a manager needmanufacturing manager on mobile phone in factory business ing to approve something. Features available on a desktop version of your UC system should be available on your mobile application as well. Also, when an employee calls a customer or supplier from their mobile phone, their personal number is kept private as the company’s information is displayed on caller ID.

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) can untether your General Manager from their desk. FMC allows users to transfer calls from their desk phone to their mobile phone seamlessly and easily. If the supervisor takes a call at his desk, he can quickly move to solve a problem at the opposite end of the production facility by transferring the call to his mobile phone with the push of a button.

The Switchboard allows the receptionist to have a call control interface on their desktop. The web-based call dashboard increases worker efficiency by allowing the receptionist to click-to-dial, drag and drop a transfer, and instant message any employee, regardless of location.

Robust reporting for all facets of the business. Managers can schedule advanced call reports to be automatically emailed to them to track customer call and inquiries, productivity of the call center, and the efficiency of the service department. Issues are easily identified so they don’t reoccur and hold up production time.

Intuitive admin interface is easy-to-use and requires zero scripting or coding. Its drop-down menus, customizable fields, and easily accessible manuals make the Switchvox GUI one of the simplest web-based interfaces in the industry. Digium has a 24 hour Switchvox support team for any questions or concerns, as well as a web portal for common questions about the system.

Call recording enables employees to record important calls on the fly. If a call begins to escalate, is difficult to understand, or needs to be documented for quality control, the call can be recorded with a simple mouse click for later review.

Interoperability allows you to integrate Switchvox into your existing network. Need a slow rollout? Switchvox can integrate with older systems to ease the transition.

HD Voice makes call audio clear, reducing the chance of misunderstanding instructions or a problem. Unlike its analogue predecessor, VoIP has the ability to switch between narrowband (standard definition) and wideband (high definition), which means it is capable of offering more sound quality.

industry workers people in factory

Installing a UC solution such as Switchvox combines multisite networks into one central location, streamlining calls and cutting costs by eliminating long distance charges. This solution gives managers a birds-eye view into every location and employee right from his or her desktop.

Manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry. Intense competition and customer demands require continuous development and production of new products. Effective and timely communications are essential to reach these goals. Implementing a Unified Communications system like Switchvox makes the intimidating task of updating your business phone system a simple and stress-free experience.


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