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By Allison Smith

headshot033dots  Guest blogger: Allison Smith, The Voice of Asterisk.

My husband – a geek, but not necessarily of the telco variety – surprised me recently by acquiring his own Raspberry Pi, and he’s spent many gleeful hours experimenting with it. I knew we’d entered some strange territory one evening when I heard “Welcome to Comedian Mail!” emanating from his Android phone in the living room – naturally in my voice.

It got me wondering: “How long ago was that recorded?”

Late last year, I suggested a re-vamping of the Asterisk stock prompts (which I had originally recorded in 2003) – and to my delight, Digium was very receptive to the idea of sprucing them up. It wasn’t the first time they had been redone or “upgraded” – I had also done a complete re-record of the entire set about seven years ago.

As much as I attempt to keep my recording environment static and unchanging; keeping close monitoring of the equipment settings to make sure there’s no variance or change – and as diligently as I try to make previous files match with current files, there are valid and tangible reasons for upgrading the stock prompts from time to time.

Like everyone, I’m reluctant to admit: I’m aging. My voice has become lower, richer, and fuller as I age (all good things!) – and the same could be said for the other voice talents bringing in various languages into the Asterisk space. Another factor – which portends nothing but positive things – is that as anyone performs a skill for years and years, so comes a certain expertise. You do nothing but make pizza dough every working day of your life? You’re going to be pretty good at it. Plainly speaking: I’m better at this than I used to be. The stock prompts which come with every Asterisk system sold are getting better and better with each upgrade and version release – just like the system itself. With this third complete re-record of the prompts, you’re getting the best sound quality, and the best performance out of everyone who records Asterisk prompts.


You’re probably eager to get your hands on those fresh new Asterisk 1.5 prompts. The sounds are available with the latest Asterisk code 13.7.2 and 11.21.2. and they’ll be pulled down automatically when installing with the English language sounds. Alternatively the new sounds are available directly from in all the format flavors typically available.

As always, it’s a privilege to record for the Asterisk community.  I have lent my voice to many other entities, but Asterisk work is by-far my favorite. This incredibly bright, hugely receptive community is endlessly gratifying to work for, and I look forward to many more years of serving you as “The Voice of Asterisk”!

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