Digium Releases Next-Generation Switchvox 6 and Announces VMWare Support

By Brian Ferguson

Switchvox 6 with vmware supportSwitchvox 6 for on-premises deployments is the latest version of our award-winning business phone system. Announced this week, the release also includes VMware Ready™ status – meaning there is now support for Switchvox in a virtual environment using VMware. Combining the most advanced version of Switchvox with VMware’s disaster recovery capabilities and scalability, Switchvox 6 provides small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with an enterprise-class Unified Communications (UC) experience at a fraction of the cost.

Since there is so much exciting news to discuss, this blog will focus on the what’s new in Switchvox 6 and how the new features within it can help your business. Next week, I’ll discuss how Switchvox in a virtual environment brings scalability, cost savings, and next-level disaster recovery to your communications system.


Switchvox has a New Engine

Switchvox 6 is built on Asterisk 13, the most powerful version of the world’s most successful open source communications platform. This new release delivers more efficient call handling, improved performance, an enhanced user experience, and prepares Switchvox for significant and faster innovations down the road.  But that’s just the beginning….


Introducing the Redesigned Switchboard

The Switchboard has been completely redesigned to provide a cleaner, more dynamic user experience.  On top of the new look, the Switchboard allows you to:

  • Easily manage the Switchboard experience for you and your team with the help of Tags
  • Stay on top of your communications with notification alerts for queue wait times, new voicemails, chats, incoming calls, and more.
  • Dial any number straight from the Switchboard with the new Dial Widget
  • View, playback, and manage your voicemails straight from the Switchboard
  • Interact and view the details and communications options of all your co-workers with Contact Cards
  • Easily view all your real time call center data at one time with more robust queue reporting


Improved Customization

Switchvox 6 brings simple Switchboard customization with the new Layout Editor.  The Layout Editor allows administrators and users to easily create Switchboards that perfectly fit their job role.  The Layout Editor also lets users develop multiple Switchboard layouts for individuals that wear many hats and need unique communications tools at their fingertips for various responsibilities.  You can develop unique Switchboards for:

  • Receptionists
  • Call center agents
  • Call center supervisors
  • Sales teams
  • Office managers
  • Countless other jobs and roles


Effortless Contact Management

Tags are introduced into Switchvox 6 as a simple and useful way to manage your company’s contacts. Now you can assign custom tags to every contact, like Sales, Support, or Accounting. Users can then add tags to their contact list, which will automatically update when someone is added or removed from that department or group.


New Salesforce Integration

Switchvox 6 introduces a new and improved integration for Salesforce.com.  Utilzing the OpenCTI standard, users can now take advantage of these features directly within Salesforce:

  • Match incoming calls with Salesforce records
  • Log calls directly from the Switchvox plugin
  • Click-to-dial from anywhere in Salesforce
  • Save time with automatic screen pops


As you can see, Switchvox 6 has lots to offer. For more information and to see Switchvox 6 in action, check out our Switchvox 6 page here.

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