Call Center Solution: Keeping the trucking companies, trucking

By Julie Webb

What does a heavy-volume call center do when their call capacity overwhelms their existing phone system? They get moving and start the search for a more affordable and flexible solution – one that not only handles current activity levels, but is expandable into the future without exploding the company budget.

Virginia’s Eagle Tele-Services needed a business communications solution that could handle up to 10,000 inbound and outbound calls per day. It had to be big; it had to be robust; and it had to be stable to handle 24/7 continuous after-hour road service for the commercial trucking industry. It had to support numerous independent tire dealers, the American Commercial Tire Network, Michelin Americas Truck Tires, and Yokohama Commercial Tire, throughout North America.

Of course, the big box systems had the capacity all right, but it was going to run Eagle a quarter of a million dollars to buy one and that was well outside Eagle’s budget. Fortunately, one of Eagle’s insiders was familiar with open source technology and knew what an Asterisk-based system, like Digium’s Switchvox, could do.

Eagle Tele-Services was the perfect candidate for Switchvox, and in turn, Switchvox was designed with companies like Eagle Tele-Services in mind. All it took was a day or two on the Switchvox demo and Eagle was impressed! The entire customer response center jumped right in and started using it without any training.

Famous for its feature-rich functionality, Switchvox makes it easy for call center managers to participate in hands-on training with detailed call reporting and interactive listen-in and coaching capabilities. Against company policy to leave any client on hold, Switchvox’s advanced IVR capabilities make setting up complex rules for call queues quick and easy to reroute automatically. This meant it was easy to route calls to alternative industry-specific representatives when all main call center lines were busy. They can also record calls for quality control purposes and follow-up on any customer complaints or requests by listening back to those calls.

To learn more about how Switchvox not only handles current activity levels for EagleTele-Services, but is also capable of expanding to meet future growth click here.

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