Healthcare Providers Benefit from UC with Switchvox Phone System

By Julie Webb

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Healthcare professionals are constantly on the move, requiring communication tools that provide instant access to vital information and quick access to colleagues and patient care teams. Unified communications (UC) helps provide a seamless connection between patients, doctors and administration with features such as: Chat, Presence, Call Control, Integrated voice mail, e-mail and fax. Healthcare providers can manage how they communicate using software on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Cullman Primary Care is a healthcare provider that discovered the benefits and flexibility offered by the right UC solution.

Cullman Primary Care consists of multiple, community-oriented patient care centers and doctors groups throughout Cullman, AL. The busy medical center has approximately 100 employees working at the hospital, while about 80 employees work at other locations. Before making the switch to a single UC solution, each location had its own phone system, which lead to numerous challenges. For example, when problems occurred no one knew which one of their many phone vendors to call. Additionally, if someone called for a doctor and he was actually located at another facility, it was difficult to transfer due to the lack of transparency between the two facilities. Patients were given a different number to call, overloading the system and creating constant complaints from patients.

Under the guidance of Alabama-based Integrated Communications Solutions (ICS), Cullman Primary Care moved to Digium’s Switchvox phone system, which not only solved a number of their communication problems but also reduced their overall telephony costs by 40 percent. With their new business phone system in place they were able to continue to meet the growing demands of their expanding facility, while routing and responding to calls without expensive upgrades. By providing Cullman Primary Care with a centralized, integrated system, ICS gives them the peace of mind of having only one service provider to call if support is needed.

Read more about the Cullman UC implementation and the UC features they find the most useful.

The Healthcare industry is rapidly evolving with new technological advances. Learn more about improving patient care with Unified Communications and Switchvox by visiting our solutions page for healthcare providers.

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