Healthcare Facilities Choose Switchvox UC Phone System

By Digium Content Marketing Team

Mobility in Healthcare

As legacy phone systems continue to reach their end of life, more and more businesses are replacing them with Unified Communications (UC) solutions to enhance business communications and save on costs. For the healthcare industry in particular, staying on pace with communications technology is vital for patient care and streamlining workflow.

Recently, Frost & Sullivan ICT broke their latest end-user research into vertical studies, and released some highlights on the state of IT in healthcare:

  • The top IT challenges for respondents in the healthcare sector are ensuring network stability and reliability, dealing with security threats, and aligning IT with business strategy.
  • By far the biggest driver for IT investments in the healthcare sector is reducing costs. It’s followed by expanding into new markets and boosting creativity and innovation.
  • Interestingly, CEOs are more concerned with improving the customer experience, gaining a competitive advantage, and boosting collaboration than their CIOs, who are more interested in improving productivity and sales and marketing effectiveness.
  • Healthcare companies look to investments in unified communications and collaboration (UCC) to help reduce costs.
  • The vast majority of agencies say their employees rely on smartphones, tablets, and even wearable devices to get their jobs done. Forty-nine percent of them pay for smartphones, and 56 percent cover the costs of tablets.

(Click here to view the rest of the study’s healthcare highlights)

As you can see in these highlights, UC solutions continue to play an important role in the healthcare industry, especially in the areas of cost control, customer experience, collaboration, and mobility. Digium’s Switchvox business phone system has been deployed at hundreds of healthcare organizations around the world, bringing each the advanced, all-inclusive UC feature set for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.


Here are a few healthcare organizations that have implemented Switchvox, and are very happy they did!


Inland Eye Specialists: Medical offices in California- 150 employees- 5 locations- Replaced 4 Nortel digital units, several BCM 50s and a BCM 400 with a Switchvox 470 at each location. “…we have several employees who move from office-to-office and don’t really have desks of their own. Switchvox mobility allows those employees to use softphones and they love it.”— Read full Success Story



Lifecare Ambulance: Emergency dispatch services in Ohio- 225 employees- 50 emergency vehicles- Replaced Nortel BCM 450 with Switchvox UC, 50 Digium HD phones, 90 Gold subscriptions, and analog cards. “We were paying $2,500 a month for our phone service, including long distance,” says Pozywak. “Our new bill is $534, cutting our phone bill by $1,800 to $2,000 month. Savings of $24,000 a year is an added bonus!”— Read full Success Story


kidney-specialists-case-studyKidney Specialists of Minnesota: Specialized medical services throughout Minnesota’s Tri-Cities- 80 employees- 3 locations- Replaced 3 older model Avaya systems with a Switchvox 360, 80 HD D40 phone sets and 20 D70 executive phones. “We went from the smallest changes on our old system taking days, and even weeks to get done, to now being able to add or make changes in minutes and seconds with Switchvox.”  — Read full Success Story


culman-newCullman Primary Group: Patient care centers in Cullman, AL. 180 employees- multiple locations- Integrated Switchvox 355 into their existing infrastructure, along with Digium HD phones. “With Switchvox, we will program the route table with their caller ID so their call will go directly to their doctor or nurse without them having to go through the auto attendant. Older patients will really like that feature!”— Read full Success Story


Access these and more Switchvox Success Stories in our Resources Center



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