Switchvox Tip of the Week: Click to Dial App

By Greg Vance

Have you looked at the Switchvox Click to Dial app for Chrome? If not, you should. It’s full of surprises. Click to Dial allows you to dial a phone number from a webpage simply by highlighting the number and then right click on the mouse. When your phone rings, simply answer it. Switchvox will now dial the highlighted number and connect you. Below is what you will see.

Will this make your life easier? Absolutely. If you have ‘fat finger’ issues, as I do, you will never misdial a number again. If you work in a web-based CRM, you won’t need to take your eyes off the page. Dial the number while you are making notes or logging the call. Easily move to the next account and dial again.  Efficiency is the result!!

While this is very useful, and interesting, let’s suppose you want access to your Switchvox Phone Books so you don’t need to go from your Webpage to Switchboard and back again. This is not as efficient.  Fortunately, the Switchvox Chrome app will help with this by allowing you to load your all your phonebooks:

Without leaving your Webpage App you can see all the phonebooks you have created including your Switchvox global directory. Simply click the phonebook and see all your contacts. Follow the same Click to Dial procedure and you’re done. As a busy sales person, this feature is one I use constantly and it helps me be more efficient. Hopefully, you’ll find this tip useful to assist in your daily workload, as well.

Switchvox Dial for Google Chrome aims to make your day

more productive!

Download it here  

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There Are 3 Comments

  • Click-to-call is a standard nowadays when you’re working in an industry that requires a lot inbound and outbound calls. I think Switchvox’s feature is efficient enough to work in any kind of business. This can help any business up their game just like what my colleague wrote about in this article: https://www.tenfold.com/dialer/3-ways-click-call-service-helps-business-win

  • Mark says:

    We utilize PC Recruiter (PCR) as our main database, but Switchvox Dial for Google Chrome doesn’t work within PCR. It works as advertised on other websites, but within PCR it won’t recognize the phone numbers for some reason. Anyone have any solutions for that?

  • Craig says:

    Is it possible to have it recognize any links natively? For instance url’s formatted as “tel:xxxxxxxxxx” are recognized by other VOIP apps I have used. It’s nicethe the Switchvox app can be used for ANY phone number, even if it doesnt have a tel: url, but if we customized a CRM application to have a tel: link then this would save a couple of clicks, which sounds trivial until you are making over 100 cold calls a day….

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