AstriCon: A Survival Guide

By Julie Webb


With AstriCon just around the corner, we wanted to offer a few pointers, a survival guide, in making your attendance at AstriCon more enjoyable. If you’ve not yet registered, there is still time to reserve your spot at the largest gathering of the Asterisk community.

Hydrate – Being hydrated is an easy and inexpensive way to increase your energy levels.  AstriCon sessions will have a supply of water at the back of each meeting room, so that you can have a fresh water source near you at all times throughout the day.

Comfortable shoes – The Renaissance Glendale is a very walk-able venue, however walking and standing long hours can lead to achy, blistery feet.


Go to sessions you really want to attend early – Some of our sessions fill up early and you don’t want to be standing at the back of the room. Plus it’s just good manners to be there before the speaker starts his/her presentation.

Plan out your schedule ahead of timeSched Chances are, you can’t attend every single talk at the conference. Study the AstriCon agenda beforehand and work out which speakers you absolutely can’t miss.  With so many sessions, you might want to consider the “divide and conquer” strategy. If so, check out our Diamond Team Package. This package is a 4-Pack of All Access Passes giving you a wonderful solution of having to choose just one session to attend.

21785882774_8a610fa7c5_kTwitter to share your experience and interact with other Astricon-goers – #AstriCon – The vast majority of the Asterisk community is on Twitter. Share your thoughts on speakers, sessions and the overall conference using the (hashtag) #AstriCon.

Use breakfast, lunch and breaks as networking opportunities -Grabbing time during the jam packed AstriCon schedule will be tricky, so think about meal times when trying to set up meetings. Also, be aware of the meal times so that you don’t miss out on feeding times.

Drink in moderation; who knows what the next day might bring! (Pace yourself and follow rule #1) – There is no greater hell (so I’ve heard) than to have to sit through multiple conference sessions with a hangover. Not to mention you might miss out on some fantastic content from our amazing speakers! The best way to avoid this punishment is to avoid drinking in excess.10333360175_bdde47cecc_k

Register early so you aren’t stuck in lineDon’t get stuck at the registration desk while everyone else is off enjoying themselves. Register as early as possible so you can minimize your time standing in lines. Your time is better spent attending sessions and meeting new people.  Register early also applies to your hotel reservations. The conference rate of $179 is only available at the Renaissance Glendale until August 26th. Book Now.


Do you have tips you would like to share? Put them in the comments below.



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