AstriCon: Conference Etiquette Guide

By Julie Webb


In a previous post, I featured AstriCon: A Survival Guide, quick tips to help you enjoy all the benefits of attending AstriCon 2016. This week, I’m providing some etiquette tips that I’ve picked up through attendee feedback and personal experience. Following these tips will help make the conference more enjoyable for everyone.

Cooperate with the badge checkers – The badge checkers, or door greeters, are there to ensure that only our paying guests are enjoying the perks of the All Conference Pass, and to help keep foot traffic flowing appropriately. Please have your badge visible allowing quick entry into sessions, meals and networking events.

Respect the speaker – There is nothing more distracting or frustrating as a speaker than standing at the podium and realizing that attendees are chatting it up during the presentation. If you need to have a conversation, please step outside or save the conversation for after the speaker finishes his/her presentation. Be sure to respect a speaker’s time, too. At the end of their session they may need a brief break or to prepare for speaking at the next session. Feel free to ask questions afterwards; just know they may have another place that they need to be and be respectful of their time.

Arriving late or leaving a session early – We understand it’s sometimes unavoidable to be prompt for a session (or need to head out early), but please don’t let the door slam when entering or leaving the room! The ultra-industrial doors are heavy and make quite a bit of noise when left to shut on their own. Make sure to gently hold the door until it latches behind you.

Silence your tech gear – There’s nothing worse than a ring tone of “Sweet Home Alabama” (or some other tune) blaring throughout the room as the speaker is making a crucial point in in his presentation. Please remember to put your cell phones and other devices on silent during presentations; and if you need to take a call during a session, quietly step aside –  without letting the door slam.

Don’t be a bandwidth hog – Digium works hard with the hotels to ensure that the Wi-Fi will support the needs of the conference, but let’s face it, conference Wi-Fi isn’t always what you get at home. If at all possible, please don’t upload/download videos on the conference network. We get that sometimes there are legitimate videos you need to see, but try not to be that guy who brings down the entire network just to see the latest version of Game of Thrones.

Police your area – Please don’t leave your half-eaten banana and bagel remnants on the table for the next guy to pick up. Pick up your trash and dispose of it in the proper trash receptacles.

Lastly, be kind to each other – We all come from a range of cultures and backgrounds, all sharing differing opinions. It’s fine not to agree with someone’s opinion, just be kind and recognize they have a right to their own point of view.

Looking forward to seeing you at AstriCon 2016. Register Now!



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