The Tradition Continues: AstriCon and Asterisk 14

By Pete Engler

AstriCon 2016 is just around the corner, and we at Digium are pumped to be heading back to the conference focused on all things Asterisk. Soon, the halls of the Renaissance Hotel will be filled with Asterisk community members from all over the world huddling up to discuss the latest Asterisk news, writing code together, and attending parties that are buzzing with Asterisk talk. Something that is sure to be the topic of conversation for all attendees will be the major, new improvements to the Asterisk open source software, and this year there will be plenty to talk about!  Keeping true to the tradition of AstriCon, Digium will be releasing the newest version of Asterisk, Asterisk 14, at the conference.

Developers have been hard at work making Asterisk more user-friendly. Asterisk 14 features vast improvements to the installation process and makes it easier to scale Asterisk within larger environments. Newbies everywhere can rejoice that getting started with Asterisk is now easier than ever. While newbies are rejoicing over the ease in implementation, administrators of larger systems can celebrate the improvements to media capabilities that will lessen maintenance times and ease deployment burdens.

Asterisk 14 also benefits users of the Asterisk RESTful Interface (ARI) with changes to the way recorded media is handled. And Developers have spent countless hours making Asterisk 14 more fully equipped for modern networks by improving domain name service (DNS) capabilities. Excited? We are! Come to AstriCon and find out more!
All of us at Digium are thrilled about the new version of Asterisk and the upcoming AstriCon conference. Matt Jordan, Digium CTO, and Matt Fredrickson, Project Lead for Asterisk, recently sat down to discuss Asterisk 14, Asterisk DevCon, and AstriCon. See what all they have to say in the new video!


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  • J R says:

    I am a big fan of “Failure Mode” and integrity support in applications. For Asterisk that might mean “am alive” testing and failure notification options for connections and networks.
    I use DDNS and which can fail and can cause strange symptoms. I would like to know when the network is not coherent.

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