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By Judie Powell

When searching for a technology reseller, a business wants to know that they are getting more than a “technical janitor,” and rather a true partner who always puts the customer’s best interest first. That’s the philosophy of KME Systems. At the heart of their technology process is people; and their priority is to build a relationship that allows them to be a true strategic technology partner.

KME Systems, Inc., is the focus of our new Digium Partner Spotlight series. KME Systems is a Digium Select Partner located in Orange County, CA, with a second office in Las Vegas, NV. They have been a Digium partner since 2007; but they’ve been helping their clients “thrive” since 1993, as a leading IT support partner. Their dedication to clients and superior customer service is evident. As a result, KME Systems has been recognized with the prestigious Digium Pinnacle Award for the past two years and has also served on the Digium Partner Advisory Committee.

We invite you to get to know KME Systems better through this brief Q&A with Mark Essayian, CEO of KME Systems Inc., where we asked Mark about servicing their KME customers, current business technology trends, and what it’s like to be a partner with Digium.  

Q: What excites you most when working with customers?

A: Knowing we make a strong, positive impact on their communications both internally and externally. When clients simply take for granted, in a good way, the capabilities, features and support we offer, we’ve got a client for life.

Q: What are you seeing in your business – what are customers most interested in?

A: The push to Cloud is very prevalent and being able to offer flexible or hybrid deployment solutions is the answer.   Our clients genuinely appreciate when we can leverage existing infrastructure and migrate to Cloud as needs dictate.

Of course the client still simply wants it to work and work well 100% of the time, and our ability to provide a custom installation for their specific needs today, as well as change in the future, is very powerful.

Q: Having been in the industry for a long while, what are some of the biggest changes you’re seeing with customers/technology today compared to the past 5-10 years?

A: The move away from proprietary systems operating in a vacuum is most welcome as it not what the client desires today.   Of course in the past, you had to control every element simply so the PBX would reliably work, but today the answers are different. People want to work whenever and wherever they choose, Cloud, premise, appliance, etc are all strong options allowing the client to get what they need, not what a vendor has to sell.

Q: Tell us about one of your recent customer’s who deployed Switchvox. Why did they choose Switchvox?

A: Our most recent client chose Switchvox for several reasons. The primary reason was the simplicity of the licensing model. Our salesperson easily explained that no matter what the client required in the future, the single license allowed for it. We stressed the client could revise their unified communication solution as they learned the features and capabilities of Switchvox, and we would not respond with “you need a license for that.” What closed the deal against our competitors was our suggestion to run our single application server on the clients VMware installation. Switchvox is now VMware Ready and so easily works in a customer’s virtualized environment. This particular client had heavily invested in servers, SANs and networking. When we told them they could leverage their existing infrastructure and did not need an appliance or additional hardware, and that it was a single virtual server, they signed the contract.

Q: What do you like most about Digium?

A: Digium is committed to success, whether it’s for a client or partner. Their Mission and Values are not just words on page. Both KME and our clients get a great experience when working with Digium.

Q: Why do you like being a part of Digium’s Channel Program?

A: That’s an easy one: the people.  Digium has great staff that genuinely want to assist their partners and clients. Working with a manufacturer that doesn’t treat a partner as a nuisance is great. When we have a need, Digium takes the time to ask questions, determine what they can do, then offer an answer. Working together makes the difference.

Digium partner KME SystemsAbout Mark Essayian:

As CEO of KME Systems Inc, he’s been a provider of IT services for over 20 years. Along with great co-workers, he has been successfully running KME by combining business strategy, innovation and leadership. Essayian has repeatedly helped his clients get the most from their technology investments and improve their own businesses.

A graduate of the University of California Irvine in Physics, he has solid insights into the IT challenges companies face at many levels. Mark also gives back to the community by actively participating in organizations such as OC Crime Stoppers and the Orange County Sheriff’s technical advisory council. Essayian lives in Southern California with his wife Kym. You can discover more from Essayian by reading his blog where you’ll also find the constant theme of having fun and learning, all while being ethical, candid and respectful.

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  • Michael LeBlanc says:

    I have known KME since 1999 and always followed Mark’s advice closely. He and his team stay ahead of the curve and keep their customers safe and sound!

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