How Resellers Help Customers Save with Leasing Options

By Emily Arnold

Let’s be honest, buying a phone system can be a big investment. Depending on the complexity and the number of users, the costs can add up, quickly. While Digium offers phone system solutions that have saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars, the price of phone systems can sometimes still seem daunting to many businesses.

For resellers, the capital outlay objection is one of the most common obstacles to overcome because a lot of companies struggle to part with that much cash at one time. There are ways to help your customers manage the cost of a phone system.

Leasing manages cost of phone system

Leasing Provides More Flexibility

Vendors have tried finding many ways to alleviate this burden for businesses, such as offering hosted VoIP services. Cloud services allows you to have a low, monthly payment. Implementing IP phone rental programs is another option. While these offerings have been a huge relief for many companies and have helped to pave the way for business communications to be considered an operational expense rather than a capital expenditure, not all businesses are the perfect fit for a cloud-based phone system. However, there is another option available – leasing.

Leasing allows companies to pay one monthly expense for their business communications without the huge, upfront cost associated with buying a system outright. According to the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, in 2015 nearly 78% of businesses used at least one form of financing when purchasing equipment. And leasing equipment was the largest percentage of financing options used.

Top 6 Reasons to Offer Leasing Options

There are many benefits to leasing, both financial and non-financial, for customers and resellers. Listed below are the top 6 reasons to offer leasing to your customers.

  1. Predictable monthly expenses. Leasing enables businesses to budget better by having predictable monthly expenses, instead of incurring a high, one-time cost.
  2.  Term lengths that suit your customers. Businesses can choose the length of the lease, whether it is for two years, three years, or whatever time frame best suits them. This helps customers to select the monthly payments that fit their company’s budget.
  3. One price for an entire phone system. Businesses can lease entire phone systems – from the PBX to the handsets – through bundling. This prevents customers from spending capital on necessary parts and enables them to pay only one amount each month for the whole system.  
  4. Up-to-date technology. Technology is improving rapidly, and leasing is the perfect way to stay on top of it.  When the term of a company’s lease is up, they have the choice to either purchase the system or move to a newer one that may be faster and cheaper.
  5. Quicker buying cycles. Oftentimes, leasing companies are easier to work with than lenders and will extend credit faster. This helps to move the buying cycle along faster than having to postpone a deal because you are waiting on a creditor.
  6. Tax deductions. Section 179 of the US tax code allows companies to write off expenses associated with upgrading technology. This is an excellent selling tool to help close year-end deals.

For more information about offering leasing options to your customers, contact your Channel Account Manager.

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