Digium Phones: DPMA 3.3.0 and Phone Firmware

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha! When I last left you, we’d just launched phone firmware, which added support for Russian language to D6x model phones, Rapid Dial page timeout for the D65 model phones, New Zealand tone support for all models, improved security of PIN code entry, new remote restart capability, a change to the LLDP neighbor advertisement, infinite server retry, hidden server URL, and a change to the default codec set to eliminate any MTU issues. It was a rather large release. 😀

Now, we’re back with the 2.2.1 firmware and its accompanying DPMA release, 3.3.0. The release has new features that primarily benefit users of D6x model phones, but also includes some bug-fixes that apply to all models.

Users will first notice that the phone’s default background image extends further up and down on the screen. What was this:


Has become this:


Better, right?

This was done because users wanted something better than the current idle screen logo capability, which only allows a custom image to take over a small part of the phone’s display. When you can use the whole display, you can do fun things, like this:


with the all new wallpaper support! To go along with the wallpaper support, you’ll notice that the clock is displayed in small font, rather than the standard, large clock display. This is the same clock font used when the phone loads idle screen logos; but we’ve not loaded one. Now, when you deploy your custom wallpaper, you can really show it off by minimizing the clock.

Connectivity Improvements

Astute viewers, who are probably Systems Administrators and Service Providers, will notice a cute blue shield icon up in the status bar in that phone’s screen image. The grey one over in the line indicator label tell us that we’re connected to the server using a TLS SIP transport. This new, blue one indicates that we’re connected to an OpenVPN server. Yes, to make your lives easier when solving remote connectivity issues including NAT and security, we’ve added OpenVPN support to the D6x model phones.

To help you get going, we’ve got a lovely wiki page detailing the ins and outs of OpenVPN configuration for Digium’s phones over on the Phones section of the wiki.


And, to see see a list of the bug-fixes, visit the phones Firmware page and the DPMA Changes pages on the wiki.

Thank you very much for your continued support and for using Digium’s products.


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There Are 2 Comments

  • That idle screen looks awesome! How would I change a D60 so that there is no idle screen image and the date/time are larger? Currently we have a logo file that takes up a lot of real estate and would like to replace it with the date/time.

  • The image show in the blog post also sets the small_clock setting to true; by default, it’s false. So, you’d load a wallpaper, and you’d have the big clock. Wallpaper support for D6x models of phones isn’t something that’s exposed in current versions of Switchvox. You’d have to do this in a non-Switchvox environment.

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