Enhance Your Mobile Calling Experience with Apple’s CallKit and Switchvox

By Emily Arnold

Today we are excited to share with you the latest release of Switchvox Softphone for iPhone! The Switchvox Softphone app takes full advantage of iOS 10 and the many features it has to offer, including Apple CallKit, to take your mobile communications to the next level.

Digium is among the first Unified Communications (UC) vendors to leverage the capabilities of Apple’s CallKit framework by integrating the softphone calling experience with native iOS call handling. At the same time, we’ve also optimized battery life performance and enhanced notifications and alerts.  The overall result of these updates improves your mobile calling experience.

By utilizing native iOS call handling, the softphone app now interacts with your iPhone just like a regular phone call. You can answer calls, place calls on hold and work with multiple calls all from the lock screen – even if the app is closed.

Notifications from Switchvox have also been enhanced to keep you up-to-date with who is trying to contact you.  You can see notifications of incoming calls, missed calls and unread voicemail messages from Switchvox on your device’s lock screen or through the notifications menu.

As mentioned, the new Switchvox Softphone app helps preserve battery life and use less data. Enhanced push technology enables more efficient communication between the server and app, which allows you to stay connected longer while consuming less resources.
The latest Switchvox Softphone for iPhone is a revolutionary update that gives you greater flexibility and more confidence while away from your desk. It is available to download for free in the Apple iTunes Store, making it accessible for anyone using Switchvox. There are no additional in-app fees or ads. The requirements for the app are simple: iOS 10, Switchvox 6.3.3 or later and an extension subscription.

 Ready to change how you work? Learn more about the benefits of mobility.  

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