Asterisk, Kamailio, Open Source…Fred Posner to Speak at Asterisk World

By David Duffett

Guest blogger – Fred PosnerAfter working with solutions such as Acme Packet, Broadsoft, Cisco, and others, Fred discovered Asterisk and quickly embraced open source software in telecommunication. A large (yes, it’s a fat joke) proponent of Asterisk and Kamailio, Fred currently provides Kamailio / VoIP consultation services through and The Palner Group, Inc. In 2010, Fred and his wife opened a bakery in Florida. When not working on SIP, he’s baking bread.

When David Duffett asked if I wanted to share a few words about my upcoming talk at Asterisk World, I jumped at the chance. After all, when David (or as I like to call him Mr. Orange Pants) provides you an incredible opportunity, you seize it.

I fell in love with Asterisk about 15 years ago. Working as a Network Engineer for a VoIP carrier, my job was to evaluate a product to replace our proprietary solution. The fact that Asterisk provided an open source solution didn’t persuade me– sure, this was attractive, but I needed features.

We needed a solution that would grow with us, would integrate with our business model, and provide an incredibly stable platform. We deployed Asterisk and Kamailio (then OpenSER) and received incredible, positive feedback from clients. Uptime increased (dramatically) as did our growth.

Even 15 years since that deployment, Asterisk still impresses me. The code is stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever. My job may have changed, but my love for Asterisk and Kamailio remains constant.

I am incredibly honored to be speaking this year at Asterisk World in beautiful, sunny Fort Lauderdale. My talk, Using Asterisk and Kamailio for Reliable, Scalable and Secure Communication Solutions, will discuss the lessons I’ve learned, tricks, and ideas to help you deploy truly secure (and reliable) communication solutions.

Incidentally, some proprietary vendors (like Mitel) believe that open source telephony can be risky… they couldn’t be more wrong (I wrote more on this in a response to Mitel) and we’ll talk more about this in Fort Lauderdale.

To me, Asterisk provides more than just software. The Asterisk community has become family not only to me but to my wife as well. I’ve made incredible friendships with people like David Duffett; which is why I can mention his orange pants not only once, but twice in the same post.

At Asterisk World, you’ll hear from people like Eric Klein, Nir Simionovich, Matthew Hilton, Chris Howard, Diego Gosmar, and more. Even better, you’ll be welcomed into a great community that will help you long after you’ve left the beautiful beaches and weather of the Sunshine State.

I look forward to meeting you. Don’t worry, my wife’s sending me with cookies.

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