Switchvox Softphone App 3.0 Improves User Experience

By Adrian Phruksukarn

The Switchvox mobile development team released the 3.0 version of the Switchvox Softphone for iOS on December 5, 2016. The big change with this release was the integration of Apple’s CallKit SDK for call handling. This allows SIP calls in and out of the app to behave almost exactly like native calls.

This change improves the app tremendously as the user experience and reliability of handling calls through the app is now on par with the desktop Digium IP Phones.  For me, this is exciting for several reasons:

  • I am proud to see our team innovate and be very early to adopt and integrate the newest features included with the Apple iOS platform.
  • I am happy to offer new, more powerful solutions to our user base.
  • As a user myself, the enhanced mobile experience has made me much more productive in my day-to-day workflow. 

The biggest improvement in my eyes is the ability to allow the user to determine which calls are most important. In previous versions of the app, calls that came into the native phone application always took precedence over calls that were being handled by the Switchvox Softphone App.

The development team did not have a say on how to handle this because of limitations of the platform at the time, so the only options we had were to place the call on hold, play dead air to the caller, or drop the call. We picked placing the call on hold because that was the least jarring to the caller on the other end, but it was still a less than optimal user experience. As a result of this limitation, I would often hesitate to take important calls that came in through our mobile app, or I would answer them and ask the caller if I could call them right back on through my wireless provider.

With the enhanced call handling allowed by CallKit, I no longer have to worry about other calls interrupting my mobile app calls. I am more available to those who need to reach me without the hassle of callbacks or rushing back to my desk.

The improvement in call handling as well as the optimizations to how much power the app draws from the battery make the Switchvox Softphone App a wonderful companion for users who are on the road a lot or often away from their desks.

In my next blog post, I’ll tell you how to combine an older and often overlooked feature of Switchvox with the new mobile app to give you maximum flexibility in how and where you take your calls.

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There Are 2 Comments

  • Travis Phipps says:

    When oh when will we get these updated mobile app features on Android? Can’t wait!

  • Shannon Belew says:

    Thanks for your excitement. For now, keep checking back for future updates, Travis. We’re working hard to keep updates rolling out for everyone.

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