Introducing Digium’s HD touchscreen IP business phone

By Emily Arnold

It’s an exciting day here at Digium! We are pleased to announce the newest, most powerful addition to our family of IP phones, the D80. It is the industry’s first affordable, HD touchscreen IP business phone.  HD touchscreen phone for business

The D80 is more than a simple replication of a traditional phone with touchscreen buttons; it is a modern reinvention of the telephone. The large, 7-inch HD touchscreen will revolutionize the way you interact with your communications platform through its user interface that is intuitive, innovative, and completely touch-driven, negating the need for any physical buttons. By utilizing a 100% touch-centric interface, not only is the user experience more pleasant, but it also enables your business to create highly customized and simplified workflows to meet the demands of today’s varied office environments.

Optimized for Touch

Advanced phone applications, such as visual voicemail, user presence, and intelligent contacts have been optimized for touch, giving users an unprecedented level of functionality. It provides up to 100 rapid dial keys, also known as busy lamp fields or status indicators, and provides support for electronic hook switch (EHS) headsets and gigabit ethernet. Like other Digium IP phones, the D80 features HDVoice for crystal clear audio, simple setup and provisioning, and the tightest integration possible with Asterisk, Switchvox, and Switchvox Cloud.

Enhanced Technology, Affordable for Everyone

In true Digium fashion, the D80 is expected to disrupt the status quo of modern business phones and set new expectations by giving users access to exceptional technology without a steep price tag. Businesses of all sizes will be able to purchase technology-forward IP phones at a fraction of the cost of other phones. The D80 will be available for purchase at $329 USD or for rent through the Digium IP Phone Rental Program beginning at $16 USD per month (with a signed 3-year Switchvox Cloud contract).

The D80 touchscreen IP phone will be available beginning in March 2017, and requires Switchvox version 6.3.5 or Asterisk with DPMA version 3.4.  Get more information about this revolutionary HD touchscreen IP phone.

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