A Closer Look at Benefits of On-Premise Phone Systems [Video]

By Michael Kienzle

With businesses utilizing more cloud-based applications than ever before, you might think a hosted phone system is your only option when upgrading your business communications system.  For some companies, an on-site (or on-premise) phone system is still a better fit.

Today, as we pay tribute to Alexander Graham Bell’s invention on National Telephone Day, it is an ideal time to take a closer look at the benefits of an on-premise phone system, and the best desktop phone (the D80, touchscreen) to complement your business phone system.

In this brief video, our Digium VoIP experts discuss:
• How businesses finance on-premise phone systems
• Ways to control the cost of an on-premise solution
•  Plans for deploying and maintaining an on-premise phone system

If you’re still wondering how an on-site system compares to a hosted PBX, check out our comparison guide.

By the way, today is also World Penguin Day, when those of us here at the home of Asterisk also pay tribute to our favorite penguin – Tux, from Linux. Happy #WorldPenguinDay and National Telephone Day!

And don’t forget to take a tour of Digium’s newest phone…we think Mr. Bell would be proud.


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