Applications Extend Power of Switchvox UC Solution

By Emily Arnold

We know you love Switchvox for its hundreds of included features, but did you know that as a fully integrated Unified Communications (UC) solution Switchvox has applications that can extend its power even further?

These free applications enable Switchvox to interact with smartphones and Windows applications to create an even more seamless and efficient communications solution. And the best part is they don’t require any programming skills. Simply download the apps and begin using immediately!

Switchvox Softphone App for Android and iOS

Perfect for anyone who wants to work outside the office, this convenient app allows you to use your mobile device for advanced communications. You can see your Switchvox extension’s visual voicemail, change your user presence/status, access your contacts, start a conference, and hop on a three-way call. You can take advantage of all these features from your smartphone while displaying your work extension and keeping your personal number private. The Switchvox Softphone app allows you to work anywhere anytime and with the privacy you need.

Switchvox for Salesforce

Are you an avid Salesforce user? Then this app is for you! Switchvox for Salesforce tightly integrates Switchvox with your CRM and allows you to create more efficient workflows. Now you can click-to-dial from within Salesforce records, log all of your calls automatically, and even update your Switchvox status without ever having to leave Salesforce. This app allows you to stay focused on your contacts without worrying about administrative tasks.

Switchvox for Outlook

Take advantage of the contact information you have in Outlook by combining it with the power of Switchvox. This app allows you to dial a contact’s phone number from within Outlook and streamline your calling process. It also ensures you are conversation-ready every time you answer the phone by displaying a desktop notification for incoming calls that includes the caller’s contact information.

Switchvox Dial for Chrome and Firefox

This useful app allows you to dial a phone number directly from your browser with the click of a button. Switchvox Dial works on any web page and with all popular web applications, such as GMail, LinkedIn, Outlook/O365 and more.

To learn more about how these free tools can make you more efficient and extend the use of your Switchvox system, visit the Switchvox Apps page.

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