National Small Business Week 2017: Join the Celebration and Share

By Shannon Belew
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If you own or work for one of the 28 million small businesses in the U.S., then this week is all about you. It’s part of an annual effort by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to shine the spotlight on the importance of small businesses. The 2017 National Small Business Week runs April 30 – May 6, and we, at Digium, are joining in the celebration to also pay tribute to small businesses.

History of National Small Business Week

If you’re not familiar with this national event, here’s a quick history. The tradition started in 1963, when President Lyndon B. Johnson declared there should be a week-long focus on small businesses. In his official proclamation in 1964, he urged organizations to “participate in ceremonies recognizing the great contribution made by the 4.6 million small businesses of this country to our prosperous society and to the well-being and happiness of our people.” He went on to credit small businesses, declaring:

Whereas small businesses help to preserve our economic freedom by preserving competition and providing the consumer with a wide choice of products; and

Whereas it is appropriate that we recognize the importance of small business to the maintenance of our free enterprise system and to our continued economic growth.

The small business landscape has grown quite a bit since that first proclamation. The SBA notes that the total number of businesses has expanded to nearly 30 million – roughly a 50 percent increase just since 1992. Today, small businesses are also responsible for creating two out of three new jobs each year, providing more than half of all U.S. jobs.

Celebrations and Events

Throughout this week, you can find celebrations occurring in cities all across the country, with the SBA kicking off events with a special ceremony in Washington, D.C., honoring some of the top small businesses, entrepreneurs, and advocates.

While our Digium team won’t make it to the national celebration, this week we are highlighting some of our many small business customers that are making a difference, and are discussing issues that impact small businesses. Check our blog and social media sites all week long for these terrific stories.

With many of us on our team having worked for small businesses, owned small businesses, or witnessed the birth of a few start-ups, we know all too well the many ‘pain points’ that go along with managing and growing a small business. So, even though we know being part of a small business is serious business, we thought it might also be fun to create some sharable images, like the ones below, that are a little more lighthearted but still pay tribute to those struggles.  If you can relate – or just want to pay tribute to your favorite small business, then we encourage you to download and share the images on social media. (And be sure to use the #smallbusinessweek hashtag.)

You can visit our Small Business Week tribute page to see and share all of these images, and more.

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