Small Business Spotlight: FormFast eForms for Healthcare

By Mike Taylor

Anyone who has ever worked in the healthcare field can likely tell you there is a substantial amount of data and documentation involved with each and every patient that comes in for a visit. In addition to the safety and compliance issues involved in working with patients regarding their health, it’s easy to see why having all the necessary documentation inline is a vital part of healthcare operations.

The problem is, manual data capture entry, paperwork, and other documentation can take its toll on productivity. This can leave healthcare employees, and patients alike, unnecessarily frustrated. That’s where FormFast shines..

FormFast is a technology company based in St. Louis, Missouri, that provides a platform to capture patients’ medical data, automates documentation, and streamlines workflow for hospitals and medical clinics. They primarily help healthcare providers by enabling them to create and systemize custom electronic forms so their teams can become more efficient and effective.

eForms for hospitals and healthcare clients

FormFast’s platform gives hospital employees the ability to easily create workflow applications that ultimately eliminate unnecessary tasks. The platform also helps to reduce costs, avoid errors, and improve patient safety, overall.

The company has been in business for over 20 years, and has served more than 1,000 healthcare organizations. FormFast continues to offer unique value to their clients by giving them a tool to create easy-to-use electronic healthcare forms and help captures data and routes workflow.

Partnering for Success

FormFast also recently announced a new partnership with Engage, a healthcare IT company and one of the largest MEDITECH partners in the United States. In this new partnership, FormFast will handle the forms automation process, and be the electronic signature provider for Engage. This partnership is another example of FormFast’s commitment toward best-in-class services within the healthcare industry. 

As a customer of Digium’s Switchvox solution, we are proud to spotlight FormFast as a growing and successful small business!

FormFast signed up to improve business communications

While FormFast has helped so many of their hospital clients improve standardization and efficiency levels through their eForms and documentation technology, we were excited to assist FormFast with their own communications needs.

When we were introduced to FormFast, they had 45 call center employees and over 100 remote employees working from their homes and private office across the country. They were struggling with growing pains associated with their remote workforce, and they needed a way to streamline communications between remote employees. Switchvox proved to be the perfect solution for their needs, and we’re proud to be able to support FormFast’s operations today and in the future.

To read more about FormFast’s story and their experience with Switchvox, take a look at their full case study.

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