Europe hosts SIP Server gatherings – and we were there.

By David Duffett

With Asterisk being the most popular, most widely deployed Open Source Communications Platforms in the world, it finds its way into many different deployment scenarios – all the way from single PBX projects to large scale, resilient telco solutions. In that latter group, Asterisk is often used with other technologies, such as a SIP server, to give maximum capacity and resilience.
Two such technologies are Kamailio and OpenSIPS.
Both can provide a very useful front end to a farm of Asterisk servers as the core of a large-scale, redundant system, providing dispatcher functionality and enhanced security features.
Over the last couple of weeks, both projects have had gatherings in Europe, and I was pleased to attend both!

First off was the OpenSIPS Summit, which ran in Amsterdam, May 2-5.


As well as the conference sessions and workshops, there was a wonderful cruise on the canals of Amsterdam followed by a great meal on Tuesday evening – very memorable for all concerned.

The following week (just last week), Kamailio World ran in Berlin, May 8-10.
Long-time Digium guy and all-round nice bloke (as we say in England), Matt Fredrickson made the trip from Huntsville, AL to speak at the event and we had a table in the mini-Expo to show off the latest Digium phones, including the industry leading and award-winning D80!


Also in attendance was Allison Smith, THE voice of Asterisk – she was speaking on the importance of IVR in the world of RTC.


We managed to get a quick pic, along with Tsveti Dimitrova from Zoiper. It was great to spend some time with Daniel again, he is the lead in the Kamailio project, and along with Elena-Ramona Modroiu, he is the organizer of Kamailio World, which has steadily grown in size over the last 5 iterations since its inception in 2013.

Of course, many of the people that attend these events are exactly the kind of people that attend AstriCon! This year we’re in Orlando, FL on October 3-5, and we will look forward to seeing people from these projects and many others too (including FreeSWITCH, Homer, CGRates, FreePBX).

If you have not already booked your AstriCon pass, you need to get to and do that right away. Doing so before June 1st will save you $100!

There is still time to submit your ideas for a speaking slot too (the deadline for submissions is May 31), you will find the link to register your interest in speaking at When you give us your details, we will invite you to make your speaking submission(s) using our new portal.

It was great to spend time with the OpenSIPS folk in Amsterdam and the Kamailio folk in Berlin, and I will look forward to seeing YOU in Orlando!


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