Improved Call Control with Switchvox My Calls Widget

By Matthew Hilton

Switchboard My Calls Widget 

With the release of Switchvox 6.4, a small, but interesting thing happened to the My Calls widget.  It grew up.  It got more, um, widget-ness.  With the introduction of the updated Switchboard – that no longer requires Flash – the My Calls widget, among many others, was re-written from the ground up.  While the original My Calls widget did its job just fine, the Digium team of engineers made it even better.

Prior to 6.4, My Calls did one thing and that was display your active calls.  Sometimes, well, it just wasted space.  In order to make it more efficient, the My Calls widget has now become a multifunctional My Calls, Calls Logs, and Visual Voicemail widget.  Why the change?

Switchvox features

For one, Call Logs were previously only visible in your user web portal, not on the Switchboard.  By introducing Call Logs into the My Calls widget, you now have access to recent inbound, outbound and missed calls from your Switchboard – which makes for simple ‘one click dialing.’  Secondly, we’ve also merged the Visual Voicemail widget into My Calls.  By combining all three of these tasks into one new, tabbed call widget, your Switchboard can be filled up with other call-handling goodies, like call queues, favorites, or custom-application integrations.

switchvox features widgets









Don’t like change, though?  Prefer full view call widgets instead of tabbed views?  We’ve got you covered there, too.  When setting up the new My Calls widget, you can choose which items to include.  Include more than one and you’ll get the tabbed view.  Prefer individual widgets for each item?  No problem; choose one item for the My Calls widget, save it, then create another My Calls widget and select the next item.  The call widgets will rename automatically, and appropriately.

my widgets switchvox








Next Steps

If you’re running Switchvox version 6.4, try the new My Calls widget, today.  And if you’re not running Switchvox 6.4 yet, why not?

Have a question about Switchvox?  Leave a comment below.  For more user tips and news, be sure to also follow me on Twitter: @VOIPGuy_MH.

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